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Magic: Legends Guide for Beginners

Welcome new and old planeswalkers! You may have heard there is a new ARPG based on the Magic: The Gathering IP, with Open Beta for Magic: Legends having launched on March 23rd, 2021 with Limited Early Access opening 24 hours prior via codes.

This guide is to help planeswalkers of all experience to navigate the game of Magic: Legends when first getting started and hopefully make it a little easier on your brain, hands, and computer.

While the game is in its early days, the data below is subject to change as new information, research, patches, and changes are released. If you see something that I’ve missed, misunderstood, or just completely gotten wrong, please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom!

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Table of Contents

  1. Before You Get Started
  2. Classes and their Abilities, Traits, and Stats
  3. Tutorial Area – Tazeem

Before you get started

Performance (FPS) Improvements

Given the immaturity of the game’s development, there are a number of things that aren’t optimised as well as they could be, even some powerful rigs are struggling to stay stable (though the Razer Chroma RGB integration is working well!) Here are some things you can do to help reduce the stress on your system and improve FPS.

Firstly, reduce loading times and stuttering by going into the Magic: Legends launcher:

  • Options (top right)
    • uncheck “on-demand patching”
    • check “force verify”

This will force the game to download everything at once rather than during load screens.

If you’re wondering how to view you FPS or change settings that aren’t in the GUI for settings, these are done through the chat box. Open the chat box via the default for Social Menu (O) or ESC. Using these commands through the chat in-game can help change some of the graphics that aren’t in your graphics settings dialogue. The game may not look as pretty, but the FPS improvements are necessary.

  • /showfps 1 – shows your FPS in top right of screen
  • /netgraph 1 – shows your ping in bottom left of screen
  • /shadows 0
  • /ssao 0
  • /dynamiclights 0
  • /lensflare_quality 0
  • /visscale 0
  • /vsync 0
  • /water 0
  • /worlddetail 0
  • /terraindetail 0
  • /highDetail 0
  • /highFillDetail 0
  • /characterdetail 0
  • /txaa 0
  • /msaa 0

These settings will need to be changed every time you launch the game, as it resets on closing the client.

You can bind your F5, F6 and F7 keys with the following chat lines that saves between sessions and with a single keypress you can set the graphics to bare minimum or to whatever you like (change accordingly.) You can use the line /unbind F5, for example, to clear the binding in the future.

/bind F5 “shadows 0 $$ ssao 0 $$ dynamiclights 0 $$ lensflare_quality 0 $$ visscale 0 $$ worlddetail 0 $$ terraindetail 0 $$ highDetail 0 $$ highFillDetail 0 $$ characterdetail 0 $$ poissonShadows 0 $$ entityTexLODLevel 0 $$ worldTexLODLevel 0 $$ target_highlight 0 $$ unlit 0 $$ scattering 0”

/bind F6 “showfps 1 $$ netgraph 1 $$ texLoadNearCamFocus 0 $$ texAniso 0 $$ highQualityDOF 0 $$ soft_particles 0 $$ frameRateStabilizer 0 $$ vsync 1 $$ maxfps 30”

/bind F7 “netgraph 0 $$ showfps 0”

Thanks u/Watipah!

difference between planeswalker and class

Let’s first figure out what the difference is between your planeswalker (character) and class.

Your planeswalker is your character; it contains all your classes combined, and has a maximum level of 320. Your in-game drops and loot are shared between classes on the same planeswalker including your gold, currency, upgrades, and Planeswalker Level benefits – all shared.

Your class is the playable character you end up using in the overworld, each with their own unique abilities, attack style, level bonuses and stats.

Each time you gain a class level or earn sufficient XP while playing a max level class (level 30), you will gain a Planeswalker Level.

For every Planeswalker Level increase, you receive a % increase in one of the following attributes. These are rewarded rotating from top to bottom of the list.

  • Planeswalker Damage +0.5%
  • Maximum Health +1%
  • Creature Damage +0.5%
  • Creature Health +1%
  • Critical Damage +0.5%
  • Gold Drop Rate +0.5%
  • Spell Page Drop Rate +0.5%
  • Relic Fragment Drop Rate +0.5%

For your very first class you receive a starting deck of 12 spell cards and after that you must finish the story lines for each overworld (five spell cards per colour) and pray to the RNG gods that you get some frequent spell card drops from mobs for the colours you want to unlock next.

In the State of the Game – Open Beta Week 3 article from the developers dated 8th April 2021, a mid-April update will see starter decks being unlocked when you unlock a new class:

..we also want to help make building out your spell library more efficient – by now including the full 12 spell starter deck for every launch class you unlock.  This means if you unlock a class through the realm or the store, that full starter deck will be added to your library.  Of course many people have already unlocked classes, and we’ll also be retroactively adding those spells to your library at the same time.

Steve Ricossa, Executive Producer | Magic: Legends

It’s important to carefully think about what class you want to ‘main’ in this game, and cut any losses before you invest too much time in a class that you don’t enjoy playing.

A relatively pain-free way of testing the classes is to create multiple planeswalkers, each with a different starting class, so you can test the playstyle of each class and get a feel for what you enjoy playing.

Your first 20-40 hours of gameplay will be spent on your first two classes, with the passive buff of the class trait (level 30 class) being the only thing that directly affects another class.

In-game menu and keybinds

In-Game Menu (TAB/F1)

The in-game menu contains your Map for fast travelling; Guide for story line missions and daily zone reputation quests; Loadout to change equipment, artifacts, class, traits, and deck; Library containing all your owned spell cards and their customisations; Store being the microtransactions hub as well as containing Battlepass details which are also available for free-to-play.

Keybinding Mouse Clicks

As of the 31st March, you cannot naturally keybind mouse clicks. Again, it’s a matter of using slash-commands in the chat to make this possible.

Combine these two tables as necessary.

Keybind Mouse ButtonDescription
/bind LbuttonBinds left button
/bind MbuttonBinds middle button
/bind RbuttonBinds right button
/unbind LbuttonUnbinds left button*
/unbind MbuttonUnbinds middle button*
/unbind RbuttonUnbinds right button*
* no need to combine unbind commands with anything from the below table
Keybind ActionDescription
+MouseBehavior_CamerarotateRotate Camera
+MouseBehavior_ForceMoveMove without attacking
+MouseBehavior_AttackThenMoveAttack and Move
+kbm_secondarySecondary ability
+kbm_utilityUtility ability

For example:
/bind Mbutton +MouseBehavior_Camerarotate

The above command will set camera rotation to your middle mouse button.


Creature Spells

Most loadouts will at least have one creature, as the probability of having enough cards to have a sorcery-only deck is low until much later in the game. Understanding how to read these cards and what the numbers mean is vital for understanding how other spells/creatures impact your creature damage and survivability.

You can have your summoned creatures target a specific enemy by pressing T on your keyboard,

magic legends avatar of frost creature card class level 30
Class Level 30, Rank 1, 5/7 Creature

The cost to cast this creature spell is noted by the Mana circles above the Rank number. In this example, we have a total cost of 10 Mana; 8 Mana of any colour plus 2 Blue Mana.

The power/toughness (5/7 above) anecdotally seems to be a multiplier of a Base DPS and Base Health stat number. This as if it were a 1/1 creature.

There is still research being undertaken to determine the formula for Base DPS/Health at each Class Level, which is also a factor in calculating total DPS and Health of a creature. These DPS and Health figures are before any equipment/class/stat bonuses are put in effect.

As you rank up your spell card using Spell Pages (bought from Broker or loot from mobs/ordeals), the DPS and Health of the card increases.

The Special Ability is cast both on summon as well as on a set interval between auto-attacks. This interval seems to be 10 seconds, however more testing needs to be undertaken to confirm this.

You can reduce the Spell Page cost by per rank by 75% through upgrading Lands (Mana/Colour Specific) and your Aetheric Core within the Meditation Realm. It is not worth upgrading the rank of your spell cards before upgrading the Land to make it cheaper.

Spell Mechanics

Having received some information regarding the game code, we have been able to accurately determine the values for spell stats and how much lesser or greater buffs/debuffs impact targets.

Your mana bar consists of 12 Mana segments, with a regeneration rate of one Mana every two seconds. Drawing a card takes seven seconds from the time of last draw/new slot opening up.

Pressing R on the keyboard initiates Mana Surge. Mana Surge gives an additional three Mana over six seconds, for a total of one mana/second for six seconds.

When you have all four Mana Surge segments, you can activate your classes Spark ability (Space by default). Your Spark bar contains 1200 Spark, with class abilities consuming between 60-120 Spark/seconds giving an ability time of 20 seconds.

Without and Spark Recharge boosts from equipment, Mana Surge/Spark regenerates at a rate of 10 Spark/second, giving 30 seconds between Mana Surge segments and 120 seconds for a full Spark bar.

Mechanic NameEffect
Activated AbilityIf this spell enters your hand while you control the creature, it becomes this ability instead.
DisorientPrevents actions and movement until damaged.
ExileExiled creatures cannot act or take damage.
HasteLesser/Greater is a 25%/75% increase of attack speed.
HexproofMay not be targeted by foes.
KickerPress and hold to spend additional mana.
LifelinkOnce per attack, damage dealt by the creature will also heal you.
Mana RegenerationLesser/Greater is a 50%/100% increase the speed of Mana Regeneration during combat.
Mana EfficiencyLesser/Greater is a 25%/50% decrease in spell cost.
MightLesser/Greater is a 10%/20% increase of damage strength. Lesser and Greater Might stack if combined.
PiercingBasic projectiles pass through enemies.
ReflectReflect enemy damage back to the attacker. Damage dealt is limited to your maximum health.
RegenerateIf this creature would be destroyed, it instead heals to full life and loses this effect.
ResistanceLesser/Greater is a 10%/20% increase resistance to damage from enemies.
RetaliateDeal its power in damage when hit.
RootEntrap enemies in place with roots.
SacrificeSacrifice a creature in play to gain a buff or an additional effect.
SlowLesser/Greater is a 25%/75% decrease of attack speed.
SnareLesser/Greater is a 25%/50% decrease of movement speed.
StunMomentarily stuns and incapacitates enemies.
Summon XFor spells with “X” in their cost, press and hold to spend more mana.
SwiftnessLesser/Greater is a 25%/50% increase of movement speed.
TauntForces an attack from foes, which uses up their ability or temporarily makes players lose control. 
TrampleBasic attacks hit multiple targets.
TransformTransform into second form if available to the creature.
VulnerabilityLesser/Greater is a 10%/20% increase in incoming damage.
WeaknessLesser/Greater is a 10%/20% reduction to damage dealt.

Enemy Ranks, XP Received and Their Damage/Health Multipliers

There are five ranks of enemies found in Magic Legends, with only four of them giving XP when defeating (Minions do not give any XP.)

Each rank of enemy also has a different Damage and Health scaling off a base value. This base value is unknown, however we have been able to identify the multiplying factor.

Champion ranked enemies have 3.11x the Health than a Standard enemy, with Elites have 6.89x the Health. Now you know why Elites seem to take so many more hits to take down!

Class LevelHordeling XPStandard XPChampion XPElite XP
Base Damage MultipliersMultiplier Factor
Multiplier of Base Melee Damage Dealt
Multiplier of Base Range Damage Dealt
Multiplier of Base Health Value

Loadout Score & Equipment/Artifact Stats

Loadout Score represents your overall power. You can use it to choose and appropriately challenging difficulty level. Loadout Score is calculated by totaling your Equipment Scores from your Equipment, Spell Cards in Current Deck, and Artifacts.

Your Loadout Score is used to determine a Health and Damage bonus multiplier using a complex formula.

See my other article delving into the mathematics behind XP and Loadout Score calculations in Magic: Legends.


For every one upgrade of your equipment, you will increase the selected mod/stat, as well as the overall equipment score for that piece.

How is the upgrade amount determined?
RNG – The calculation on the upgrade is a random float between 0 and 1. For each upgrade, you roll a number between 0 and 1 and it upgrades to that if it’s above what it currently is, else you gain +2%.

For example, you have an item with a mod that is at 35%. You upgrade the mod and the code rolls 0.878213 as the float, giving you 87.8% in one upgrade. You use another equipment upgrade and it rolls 0.49823, or 49.% which is less the current stats of the item, so you only gain 2% up to 89.8%. This means the lower the value is, the higher likelihood that the upgrade will be more significant.

For every 1 point of equipment/artifact stat increase, this roughly translates to a 0.03% increase. There is a lot of research being undertaken to understand this mechanic, as it anecdotally seems to have a diminishing return after +500 potency.

The maximum Equipment Score that any one piece of equipment can have is 58, regardless of rarity. This creates a cap of 348 Loadout Score that can be obtained from Equipment.

Rarity of equipment determines how many extra mods are available. Two for Common, three for Uncommon, and four for Rare and Mythic.


The maximum Equipment Score for an artefact is dependent on rarity:

  • Legendary: 80
  • Greater: 60
  • Lesser: 40

With the ability to slot up to one legendary, two greater, and three lesser artefacts, this creates a cap of 320 Equipment Score from max-rank artefacts.

Spell Cards

As you increase the rank of your Spell Cards, so does the Equipment Score. For every rank above Rank 1, you gain 7 Equipment score towards your Loadout Score.

With Spell Cards being capped to Rank 10 as of writing, this creates a limit of 63 Equipment Score per Spell Card in your Current Deck. With 12 cards at Rank 10, this creates a cap of 756 Equipment Score from your Deck.


You can slot up to three traits with a fixed Equipment Score of 30 each. Jump to Class Traits to read more details about what these are.

With three traits slotted (3+ classes at Level 30), you will receive +90 to your Loadout Score.

Theoretical Maximum Loadout Score & Damage/Health Bonus

With the above information taken into consideration, we can expect to see a maximum Loadout Score of 1404 with every slot equipped at maximum upgrade/rank:

  • Equipment – 348
  • Artifacts – 320
  • Spell Cards – 756
  • Traits – 90

With a Loadout Score of 1514, we should expect to see a Damage and Health Bonus multiplier of x11.09 .

Stats Found on Equipment & Artefacts

<colour> Mana Creature Health Health of <colour> Mana Creatures
<colour> Mana Creature Potency Damage output of all <colour> Mana Creatures
<colour> Mana Resist Damage resistance to sources of <colour> Mana Spells
<colour> Mana Sorcery Potency Damage output of all <colour> Mana Sorcery Spells
Chromatic Creature Potency Damage output of all Creatures
Chromatic Sorcery Potency Damage output of Sorcery Spells
Control Rating Duration of outgoing Control Effects
Control Resist Resistance of incoming Control Effects
Green Mana Buff Rating Buff duration of Green Mana Source
Health Globe Potency Healing received from Health Globes
Health Globe Potency Healing received from Health Globes
Health Regen Rating In-combat health regeneration
Incoming Healing Potency Effectiveness of incoming heals
Max Health Potency Maximum Planeswalker Health
Primary Potency Damage output of the Primary Attack
Secondary Potency Damage output of the Secondary Ability
Secondary Recharge Speed Recharge rate of the Secondary Ability
Sorcery Damage PotencyDamage output of all Sorcery Spells
Sorcery Healing Potency Healing received from Sorcery Spells
Soulsteal Potency Healing when killing a Creature
Soulsteal Potency Healing when killing a Creature
Spark Recharge Speed Recharge rate of the Spark Meter
Spark Recharge Speed Recharge rate of the Spark Meter
Utility Potency Damage output of the Utility Ability
Utility Recharge Speed Recharge rate of the Utility Ability
White Mana Buff Rating Buff duration of White Mana sources
<colour> can be Green, Blue, Black, Red, or White

classes and their abilities, traits, stats

magic legends all six (6) classes sanctifier mindmage necromancer geomancer beastcaller dimir assassin

There are five ‘free’ classes to choose from, with a sixth, Dimir Assassin, being gated behind a microtransaction booster pack (1.2% chance of obtaining) or completing the Season 1 Battlepass.

Aside from the passive effects and attack style of each class, they also have unique abilities and class perks that increase in potency with class level.

Abilities are the basic combat skills of a planeswalker. The abilities of a class are divided into three categories, Primary, Secondary, and Utility abilities which are all executed in the field. As the player increases the character level, they can modify these core abilities by unlocking ability upgrades and class perks that modify or adds additional effects to the ability.

Class Perks are passive boosts that are specifically tied to their class. Perks further enhance the stats of the character and boosts the effects of its abilities.

Classes Overview

Beastcaller Class – Green Mana green mana icon magic legends wiki guide

magic legends beastcaller class

The Beastcaller is the embodiment of the wild, a force of nature with devastating axe attacks. Never alone, the Beastcaller charges into battle with their trusty Aether Fox, destroying their foes with impeccable teamwork.

Passive Effects:
+375 Creature Damage Potency
+375 Creature Health Potency
Attack Style:

Primary AttackWild SlashCleave nearby foes with your aether axe.
Secondary AbilityRending ThrowHurl an axe to damage and Mark foes in front of you. Killing Marked foes restores health to you and your companion.
Utility AbilityWild RoarHeal yourself and your Companion instantly plus an additional amount over 6 seconds, and teleport it to your location. It applies Taunt to nearby foes and gets +2/+2 for 6 seconds.
Level UnlockedPerk NameDescription
Level 3Mana SurgeGain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell.
Level 4Wild Cleave
Wild Slash’s final attack affects a wider area and Marks foes.
Level 6Bestial Fury
Spark Meter Cost: 120/sec
Summon a 5/5 Aether Fox with Trample to fight by your side as long as this power is active. Additionally, deal periodic damage to nearby foes. Whenever you deal damage to a fore this way, Aether Fox deals its damage to that foe.
You may not cast spells or use class abilities while this power is active.
Level 10Bestial Empowerment
Your Companion gets +1/+1 as long as a foe you’ve Marked is nearby. Additionally, Rending Throw’s cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
Level 15Wild Imbuement
Wild Roar’s effects last an additional 2 seconds, and your Companion gains Trample while under its effects.
Level 20Call of the StampedeGain Lesser Mana Regeneration for 8 seconds after summoning a create with a Converted Mana Cost that is greater than or equal to 5.
Level 25Bestial AffinityRecover 10% of your Maximum Hit Points over 2 seconds whenever you cast a creature spell.
Level 30Primal Rage (Trait)While this trait is slotted, casting a Sorcery causes your strongest creature to inflict 100% Power as damage to enemies that attack it for 10 seconds.

Necromancer Class – Black Mana black mana icon magic legends guide

magic legends necromancer class

The Necromancer attacks from a moderate distance with their dark magic, summoning an army of undead to assist them in combat. The Necromancer understand that life is temporary, and even death can be useful.

Passive Effects:
+500 Sorcery Damage Potency
+250 Sorcery Healing Potency
Attack Style:

Primary AttackGrim SiphonLash foes in front of you with your necromantic pendulum, dealing damage plus additional damage over 3 seconds. The damage over time effect also heals for 10% of the damage dealt.
Secondary AbilityGrave UpheavalDeal damage to foes in an area around target foe, then create two 1/1 Skeleton creature tokens, for 30 seconds, at that location. Each Skeleton still on the battlefield from a previous use of this ability is replaced by the new one.
Utility AbilityNecromantic AuraSacrifices any active skeletons from Grave Upheaval to empower an aura that damages nearby enemies for a short time.
Level UnlockedPerk NameDescription
Level 3Mana SurgeGain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell.
Level 4Grim Feast
Grim Siphon heals a creature you control with the lowest health percentage for 10% of damage dealt, and the final attack deal additional damage.
Level 6Death Campaign
Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec
Create a 1/1 Skeleton, 1/1Skeleton Archer, 2/2 Zombie, and 3/3 Zombie Hulk creature token.
Whenever a foe dies while under the affect of Necrotic Curse, randomly create a 1/1 Skeleton, 1/1Skeleton Archer, 2/2 Zombie creature token at its location. If it was Champion rank or above, create a 4/4 Zombie Hulk creature token instead.
When this effect expires, each creature that was created in this way dies and deal 200% of its damage to foes around it.
Primary: Necrotic Curse
Channel a stacking effect in a cone in front of you. This effect deals damage over 3 seconds and heals for 25% of the damage dealt.
Level 10Three’s a Crowd
Grace Upheaval creates an additional 1/1 Skeleton Archer creature token.
Level 15Siphoning Aura
Necromantic Aura now heals the Necromancer for 10% of the damage dealt.
Level 20Aether AbsorptionWhenever you cast a sorcery, heal for 5% of your maximum health over 3 seconds.
Level 25Scavenging HordeWhenever a creature you control dies, another random creature you control gets +1/+1 for 10 seconds.
Level 30Necrotic Burst (Trait)While this trait is slotted, whenever a creature you control dies, it deals 200% of its damage to foes around it over 5 seconds.

Mindmage Class – Blue Mana blue mana icon magic legends guide

magic legends mindmage class

The Mind Mage deals powerful telekinetic attacks from a moderate range, using trickery to defeat their enemies. With their powerful psychic abilities, the Mindmage created illusions and controls their enemies, and the battlefield.

Passive Effects:
+500 Control Rating
+250 Sorcery Damage Potency
Attack Style:

Primary AttackMindlashBlast enemies in front of you with a barrage of energy orbs.
Secondary AbilityConfoundDeal damage to foes in a cone in front of you. Confuse a random foe that was not killed in this way for 6 seconds, then Stun the rest for 3 seconds.
Utility AbilityIllusory EscapeTaunt foes with an illusion of yourself and gain increased movement speed.
Level UnlockedPerk NameDescription
Level 3Mana SurgeGain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell.
Level 4Rend Mind
Mindlash’s final strike deals 33% additional damage to enemies hit in the last half of the attack area.
Level 6Hallucination
Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec
Confuse foes around you as long as this power is active.
You may not cast spells or use class abilities while this power is active, but you gain access to new power(s) during its effect.
Primary: Psy Orb
Deal damage to foes in a line in front of you, and additional damage to foes at the end of the line.
Level 10Maddening Throughts
Confound can Confuse an additional target, and the duration of the effect is increased by 2 seconds.
Level 15Living Illusion
Illusory Escape’s illusion explodes on termination, inflicting damage and Greater Slow to enemies nearby.
Level 20Crush MindWhen a creature you control with 3 or greater Toughness dies, Disorient foes near that creature for X seconds, where X is equal to the Toughness of that creature.
Level 25Emergency IllusionFalling below 25% health will cause you to summon a 0/6 Illusion that taunts when it enters the battlefield.
Level 30Psychic Prowess (Trait)While this trait is slotted, casting non-creature spell grants +1/+1 to a random creature you control for 10 seconds.

Geomancer Class – Red Mana red mana icon magic legends guide

magic legends geomancer class

The Geomancer controls the power of the earth, forming gauntlets before punching through enemies in melee range. With nothing more than rock-covered fists and the power of the very land itself, the Geomancer unleashes devastating attack to enemies nearby.

Passive Effects:
+500 Max Health Potency
+250 Sorcery Damage Potency
Attack Style:

Primary AttackMagma FistPunch enemies in front of you. The final hit of this combo grants 2.5% of your maximum health in shield for 10 seconds.
Secondary AbilityVolcanic FuryDeal damage to nearby foes. Consume an amount of Shield equal to 5% of your max health to deal additional damage.
Utility AbilityBerserker’s LeapLeap forward a short distance and damager foes near your impact point.
Level UnlockedPerk NameDescription
Level 3Mana SurgeGain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell.
Level 4Magma Spike
Upgrades Magma Fist’s final hit to deal greater damage in a larger area.
Level 6Obsidian Morph
Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec
You gain shield equal to your maximum health for as long as this power is active.
You may not cast spells or use class abilities while this power is active, but you gain access to new power(s) during its effect.
Primary: Obsidian Fist
Deal damage to foes in a cone in front you.
Secondary: Cataclysm
Pull foes toward you in a line in front, behind, and to each side of you, and then deal damage to foes around you. 10 seconds cooldown.
Utility: Boulder Form
Gain increased movement speed while channeling this power, knocking away and dealing damage to foes you pass through while moving. (Press and hold utility to activate)
Level 10Erupt
Using Volcanic Fury now grants Lesser Might for 5 seconds.
Level 15Berserker’s Leap
Leap forward a short distance and damage foes near your impact point. 2 Charges.
Level 20Elemental AffinityWhenever you case a Sorcery, gain 5% of your maximum health in Shield for 10 seconds.
Level 25Magma BarrageWhenever you cast a Sorcery, gain Greater Might for 3 seconds. This can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Level 30Heart of Iron
While this trait is slotted, and you are defeated, you will be revived with 25% of your Hit Points and recover an additional 15% of your Hit Points over 3 seconds. Additionally, you will be immune to damage and control effects for 3 seconds. (2 minute cooldown)

Sanctifier Class – White Mana white mana icon magic legends guide

magic legends sanctifier class

The Sanctifier is the icon of all that is holy, supporting their creatures and allies from a distance. With the support of an angel and their powerful healing abilities, the Sanctifier calmly dispatches their foes with piercing bolts of light.

Passive Effects:
+500 Sorcery Healing Potency
+250 Sorcery Damage Potency
Attack Style:

Primary AttackDivine BoltsFire piercing bolts of holy energy at distant enemies.
Secondary AbilityWave of RadianceCreate a wave of holy energy, dealing damage to enemies caught in the wake.
Utility AbilitySalvationGain a Devotion counter, you and creatures you control are healed. Upon receiving 4 Devotion counters, create a 4/4 white Angel token with Lifelink for 20 seconds and remove all Devotion counters.
Level UnlockedPerk NameDescription
Level 3Mana SurgeGain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell.
Level 4Divine Blast
The 3rd hit from Divine Bolt now fires a spread of three simultaneous piercing bolts.
Level 6Angelic Descent
Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec
Summon 5, 4/4 white Angel creature tokens with Lifelink.
You may not cast spells or use class abilities while this power is active, but you gain access to new power(s) during its effect.
Primary: Torrent of Radiance
Create a wave of holy energy, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies caught in the wake.
Level 10Healing Current
Wave of Radiance now heals allied creatures in its wake as well.
Level 15Faith’s Bounty
Salvation now resurrects your highest toughness non-token creature.
Level 20Seraphic BoonAfter casing a Sorcery, the effectiveness of incoming healing from Lifelink is increased for 15 seconds. This effect stacks up to 6 times.
Level 25Mending AuraHalf of all healing received from Lifelink will also heal nearby allies. Mending Aura’s healing will not trigger effects that are activated by incoming or outgoing healing.
Level 30Ward of the Sanctifier
While this trait is slotted, whenever you heal an ally, that target gains Shield equal to 5% of its maximum health for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Dimir Assassin Class – Blue and Black Mana blue mana icon magic legends guideblack mana icon magic legends guide

magic legends dimir assassin class

The Dimir Assassin epitomizes House Dimir, capable of setting up its enemies for devastating combo attacks. Always fighting on its own terms with a strong sense of control before exploiting a weakness to devastating effect.

The Dimir Assassin isn’t a starter class, and new characters cannot start as this class. The only way to obtain the Dimir Assassin class is through gambling in Dimir Assassin Booster Packs, buying the class unlock through the Broker in the Sanctuary, or completing the Season 1 Battlepass.

Passive Effects:
+500 Sorcery Damage Potency
+250 Control Rating
Attack Style:

Primary AttackShadowblade ThrowThrow massive blades that return to the user, dealing damage to all foes hit.
Secondary AbilityForty BlinksTeleport to a location, dealing damage on impact, then hit enemies in the area, with teleporting strikes. While activating, you can’t be targeted or take damage. Gain Greater Swiftness after activation.
Utility AbilityBlink StrikeThrow a blade forward and teleport to it, dealing damage and Disorienting foes that you pass through. Gain Greater Swiftness after activation.
Level UnlockedPerk NameDescription
Level 3Mana SurgeGain 3 mana over 6 seconds, then draw a spell.
Level 4Vorpal Saw
Final Shadowblade Throw creates a swirling energy blade that deals damage to foes continually that it contacts.
Level 6Dark Reverberations
Spark Meter Cost: 60/sec
You have Greater Swiftness while this power is active and passively create copies of yourself that activate Shadowblade Throw.
You may not cast spells or use class abilities while this power is active, but you gain access to new power(s) during its effect.
Primary: Shadowblade Throw
Create copies of yourself during each primary attack, dealing additional damage and increased area of effect.
Secondary: Forty Blinks
Create eight copies of yourself that deal damage to foes within the signet area of Forty Blinks.
Utility: Blink Strike
Create eight copies of yourself that Blink Strike away from you as you finish your Blink Strike.
Level 10Fatal Obscurant
Forty Blinks deals additional damage to Controlled enemies
Level 15Dispatching Alacrity
Kills with Shadowblade Throw and class abilities reduce the cooldown of Blink Dash by 0.5 seconds each.
Level 20Knowledge GainedWhenever you sacrifice a creature, draw a spell.
Level 25Upper HandWhenever you cast a Sorcery with a Control effect, gain Lesser Might for 5 seconds.
Level 30Disinformation
While this trait is slotted, whenever you draw a spell, creature you control gain Lesser Resistance for 5 seconds. Whenever you discard a spell, enemies within 15ft gain Greater Vulnerability for 5 seconds.

Dual-Coloured Decks, Additional Classes, and your ‘main’

Coming in a mid-April update, unlocking a second (additional) class on the one planeswalker will unlock the starting deck (12 spells) for that class.

Until then however, you receive a deck of 12 spells for your starting class then all other spell cards are found in the overworld or completing story line missions for the first time. An update on 1st April doubled the drop rate of spell cards from loot.

Once you have left the Tazeem starting area, moved onto your second overworld, and have atleast two different coloured spell cards in your library, you can start using a dual coloured deck. As at the time of writing, it’s only possible to use up to two (2) colours in one deck.

Additional Class Costs

You can unlock additional classes with in-game currency/materials by upgrading the Mystical Study in your Meditation Realm.

To unlock your second (2nd) class, this will cost:

  • 2 000 Refined Aether
  • 50 000 Gold
  • 2 000 of each Planar Mana type
  • Mystical Study level 2

To unlock your third (3rd) class, this will cost:

  • 100 000 Refined Aether
  • 150 000 Gold
  • 3 000 of each Planar Mana type
  • 150 Chromatic Mana
  • Mystical Study level 5

To unlock your fourth (4th) class, this will cost:

  • 200 000 Refined Aether
  • 300 000 Gold
  • 7 500 of each Planar Mana type
  • 250 Chromatic Mana
  • Mystical Study level 7

Details around the fifth (5th) class unlock are yet to be experienced/released, but will update when the information comes to light.

Alternatively, classes can be bought in the Store for 2 500 Zen (~25€) each (except Dimir Assassin.)

It is definitely worth starting a new class as soon as you can (planar mana & gold will probably be the limiting factor) to push your overall planeswalker level up faster and receive more bonuses.

Class Traits

Once you have reached the max level for a class (level 30), you unlock their Trait which can be slotted and benefit your planeswalker, regardless of the class you are playing.

You can slot up to a maximum of three traits on your planeswalker, so consider the interplay of these traits when thinking about your overall build and which class you like to play as your main.

Primal RageBeastcallerWhile this trait is slotted, casting a Sorcery causes your strongest creature to inflict 100% Power as damage to enemies that attack it for 10 seconds.
Necrotic BurstNecromancerWhile this trait is slotted, whenever a creature you control dies, it deals 200% of its damage to foes around it over 5 seconds.
Psychic ProwessMindmageWhile this trait is slotted, casting non-creature spell grants +1/+1 to a random creature you control for 10 seconds.
Heart of IronGeomancerWhile this trait is slotted, and you are defeated, you will be revived with 25% of your Hit Points and recover an additional 15% of your Hit Points over 3 seconds. Additionally, you will be immune to damage and control effects for 3 seconds. (2 minute cooldown)
Ward of the SanctifierSanctifierWhile this trait is slotted, whenever you heal an ally, that target gains Shield equal to 5% of its maximum health for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
DisinformationDimir AssassinWhile this trait is slotted, whenever you draw a spell, creature you control gain Lesser Resistance for 5 seconds. Whenever you discard a spell, enemies within 15ft gain Greater Vulnerability for 5 seconds.
Might from UnityBooster PackWhile this trait is slotted, whenever you summon a creature, you gain Lesser Might for 10 seconds.
Intimidating RoarBooster PackWhile this trait is slotted, whenever you summon a creature with an “enter the battlefield” effect, that creature will also apply Lesser Weakness for 10 seconds to nearby enemies as it enters the battlefield.
Aether AggressionBooster PackWhile this trait is slotted, whenever you summon a creature, it gains +1/+1 for 10 seconds.

For example, myself, I like playing Sanctifier (heals) and have slotted the Sactifier, Geomancer, and Beastcaller traits. Heart of Iron (Geomancer) grants me a second chance if I mess up and wipe, and Primal Rage (Beastcaller) gives my creatures Power damage when casting Sorceries (healing spells).

Tackling Tazeem’s Tutorial

The lengthy tutorial area takes you through the Tazeem Overworld; a forest and aquatic biome filled with spiders, saprolings, and merfolk.

Expect to spend around 1-2 hours of gameplay before being able to group up with friends and enter multiplayer. There are five ordeals (missions) to complete with each ordeal taking a minimum of 10 minutes each.

Upon completing the Tazeem tutorial area, and as part of the tutorial story line, you will planeswalk (teleport) to your personal ‘Meditation Realm’ which acts as a base that you can upgrade for unlocks. From there, you teleport again to The Sanctum.

The Sanctum – Your One-Stop Shop

The Sanctum is a public town containing a Battlemaster, Broker, and a Tailor.

At the Battlemaster, you will be able to queue for 1v1 Duels against other planeswalkers (PvP). Be wary, as there are some bugs that haven’t been fixed yet within the PvP realm that can brick accounts.

The Broker is where you can trade in-game resources for premium currency, buy and sell Spell Pages (used for upgrading spells) and World Enchantments. Planeswalkers are provided ten Trade Tokens per day, of which a maximum of thirty can be held at any time. These can be traded along with currency to purchase items.

For each level you increase your Aetheric Core in your Meditation Realm, the amount of Spell Pages you can buy per Trade Token increases by 24.

The Tailor is where you change your cosmetic appearances, through unlocked costume items and default outfit options. These can be saved to slots/loadouts and change as you change loadout in the in-game menu.

Play with friends!

Now you have left The Sanctum, you are now able to party up with friends and take on the overworlds together!

Open the social panel by pressing “O” or the “Esc” key. You can add and invite your friends to party on the left hand side with the chat log underneath.

magic legends social / escape key menu how to add friend invite to party

When you have partied up with your friends, you may find that you aren’t in the same Overworld instance. This can be fixed by one person staying on the map, and the others leaving and rejoining – make sure that everyone is on the same Overworld difficulty!

To check your weekly or daily caps on resources, open your Wallet from the social panel. Hovering over each of the currencies will bring up details with how much you have collected for the cap period, as well as how long until the cap reset.

The daily cap resets at 10:00 AM (UTC) with weekly caps resetting on Tuesdays.

magic legends wallet weekly planar mana cap refined unrefined aether

Speaking with Ral Zarek to the north of The Sanctuary teleport location, you will now be taken to one of the five overworlds to continue the story line and build out your deck of spell cards from ordeal rewards;

  • Benalia (White)
  • Gavony (Black)
  • Shiv (Red)
  • Tolaria (Blue)
  • Tazeem (Green)

Outside of these overworld storyline ordeals rewarding set coloured cards, the loot table from NPCs in the overworlds are pooled, meaning any coloured card can be obtained from any overworld NPC drop.

Thanks for checking it out!

If you’ve found something that doesn’t quite line up with the data, or a correction on a blatant error, please leave a comment below to let me know!

Magic Noob | Avid Gamer | Always Curious

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Tuesday 27th of April 2021

The commands to improve performance are much-needed. Tutorial doesn't even tell you how to open chat to enter those commands, though.

How do you do that?


Tuesday 27th of April 2021

You can open the chat via social menu with the letter O key or by hitting ESC by default. I've updated the guide with this info, thanks for the question!


Tuesday 13th of April 2021

For the weekly reset, you mentioned "The daily cap resets at 10:00 AM (UTC) with weekly caps resetting on Tuesdays." -> the countdown timer points towards it being 6PM on Tuesdays, but that doesn't seem accurate either since it did not just reset. Any idea when the weekly mana cap actually resets? :) Thanks!


Sunday 18th of April 2021

There's been a lot of discussion about this as the reset times are notoriously buggy and ill-aligned, with reset times previously counting down to Monday then instantly resetting to 24h again for the Tuesday reset. On paper, these should be resetting at the same time as dailies do on Tuesday, which is 1000 UTC. However, we've seen issues around Planar Mana resetting on different times for different colours, if you played early access or not, other weeklies not resetting in line with any others etc. Hopefully we get some concrete clarification and see some of these bugs fixed in upcoming patches.


Tuesday 6th of April 2021

The power multiplication appears to have been added to the DPS stat in one of the recent patches (what you've written was true on release but it's fixed now).

For example at this time I have no trait related creature buffs (only colour) in my loadout and 3 rank 5 white creatures in my deck: Chainwarden 1 power 265 DPS Fiendslayer Paladin 3 power 796 DPS (~265*3) Angel of Vengence 5 power 1327 DPS (~265*5)

Stephen Redfern

Thursday 8th of April 2021

Thanks for spotting that! I've fixed that up now.

I've been doing some interesting research around the scaling of the DPS/Health stat vs. Class Level as well as Rank changes at Level 30. Some pretty interesting results so far!