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Magic: Legends Gold Guide

Found yourself with too much Planar Mana and not enough Gold for upgrades? Trying to polish off your last artifacts to level 20 but just can’t afford it? Here are my tips on how to get some gold flowing into your account through in-game (free-to-play) methods.

While the game is in its early days, the data below is subject to change as new information, research, patches, and changes are released. If you see something that I’ve missed, misunderstood, or just completely gotten wrong, please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom!

Table of Contents

Sources of Gold

Gold is one of the primary Planeswalker currencies used in upgrading most things, whether it be your realm ‘buildings’, artifacts, or unlocking equipment and spells in your Meditation Realm. Especially in the early stages of the game, you will most likely find yourself short Gold before you’re short other materials.

Gold can be dropped by enemies, rewarded for completing overworld activities and guide missions (Story Missions and Ordeals) as well as in return for selling items to the Consignment Broker in The Sanctum.

Regional Missions and Ordeals

These are the missions that can be replayed via the in-game menu under the Guide tab. Typically they take between 7-12 minutes depending on the mission, and have a larger reward for completing. In addition to Gold dropping from enemies defeated, you’ll be rewarded with a lump sum at the end. Story Missions (noted by a book icon in Guide) have the best final rewards and take the shortest amount of time. Ordeals are better for loot from enemies such as equipment drops.

Overworld Activities

You can complete Minor/Major/Special Skirmishes as well as Mana Tower Assaults/Defenses for a number of rewards including Gold, Planar Mana, and Spell Pages. For more information on these, see my Overworld Guide discussing these activities and rewards.

There are also something I refer to as Distractions and Diversions (D&D) found in the Overworld. These are NPCs that typically need rescuing from a horde of enemies, or trick you into trying to help them only to ambush you. They are very fast to complete (less than 30 seconds) and reward the following amounts of Gold for each difficulty:
Normal – 150 Gold
Hard – 187 Gold
Expert – 300 Gold
Master – 637 Gold

There are nine (9) D&Ds in each overworld with a three (3) minute respawn timer since last completion. I have mapped these out on the Overworld Maps found in my Overworld Guide. These are noted by the Gold icon.

Consignment Broker

Receiving 10 of these Trade Tokens per day with a maximum storage of 30, you can use these to buy or sell World Enchantments, Spell Pages, or premium unlock tokens (Microtransaction Items). Upgrading your Aetheric Core in your Meditation Realm allows more Spell Pages to be sold per token.

The best ratio of Gold:Trade Token will be selling microtransaction items such as Dimir Assassin Class token and related Dimir Assassin unlocks. However, for free to play, World Enchantments will give you the best bang for buck. World Enchantments have set prices depending on their Tier, with Tiers 1-3 selling for 9500, 19000, and 28500 respectively at floor values.

All items can vary in price depending on supply/demand (a relatively janky system in Magic Legends), with some T3 W-Enchants selling for 35,625 to 51,300 and even over 100,000 Gold.

Cost of Upgrading Artifacts

One of the Gold sinks you’ll discover is artifacts. You can slot up to six artifacts, each of which can be upgraded to level 20. You’ll spend 183,150 Gold for each artifact from ranks 1-20, totalling 1,098,900 Gold to rank all six slotted artifacts to level 20.

In addition to Gold, you’ll need to spend Relic Fragments ranging from Common to Mythic. These are laughably easy to obtain though, with a cap well above what you need for 1-20 upgrades.

Cost to RankGoldCommonUncommonRareMythic

Gold Per Hour

For maximum realistic Gold/Hour, these numbers are using the Master Difficulty with a loadout score of 1140 and an imperfect (non-meta/broken) deck or loadout. These figures are taken before hitting Planar Mana cap.

STORY MISSION RUSH ~18,600 Gold/Hour
A Land in Flames (the first Story Mission in Shiv) on Master is possible to complete in under 9 minutes by running past all the enemies and rushing to gates/bosses. After a few runs, my average Gold received from both enemy drops and the final reward screen was 3100. Allowing for a generous 10 minute run to allow for loading times at start and end, you’ll see around 18,600 Gold per hour, with PLENTY of Spell Pages to boot.

Rescue NPCs ~54,000 Gold/Hour
Using the maps in my Overworld Guide and jumping between the NPC Rescue activities, with time for travelling, I was able to get an average time of 45 seconds per Rescue and around 675 Gold from drops and reward. Find the four or five NPCs that are closest to a travel point and use those. With a 3 minute respawn timer, you can cycle the same four/five over and over.

SKIRMISH HOPPING ~66,940 Gold/Hour
Jumping between Major Skirmishes/Mana Tower Defenses on Master varies greatly in Gold per hour. Some times you will turn up to a Skirmish right at the end and get 680 Gold (more if you have hit Planar Mana cap) in a matter of seconds, and sometimes you might be struggling to take down a tanky boi Greenwarden and blow out 4 minutes. On average I was completing skirmishes in around 3 minutes, allowing for time to search the map and travel to location, and receiving 3350 Gold from enemy drops and Skirmish rewards.

WORLD ENCHANTMENTS up to 140k Gold/Hour
Now this one is tricky and not sustainable, and here is why. World Enchantments are capped at seven (7) per week in each Master and Expert, for a total of 14 World Enchants per week on the Tuesday reset (1500 UTC). On top of this weekly cap, there is a 60 minute time gate between World Enchant drops from missions rewards. Lucking out with a T3 and a T2 from each Master and Expert, taking a 10 minute Story Mission run to obtain, the comparative hourly rate is 140k Gold.

You receive 10 Trade Tokens per day which can be used to sell Spell Pages and World Enchantments. You can store a maximum of 30 Trade Tokens (3 days worth) before they are sacrificed. So be sure to visit the Consignment Broker every day to unload any extra pages you have lying around or World Enchantments you won’t be using.

What’s the Best?

Utilising your time to most efficiently gather Gold in Magic Legends is a combination of all of the above. Start the hour by completing your Expert and Master Story Mission to obtain your World Enchantments. From there, hit up your favourite Region (or the one you need reputation with) and farm Major Skirmishes and Mana Tower Defenses, paying attention to where the NPC Rescues are and completing those on your way. With this combination, you could see yourself making upwards of 80,000 Gold per hour.

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