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Maj’Dul Plat Guide

In Maj’Dul you will find collectable ! pages all over the zone, like a Tale of the Arena, The Desert Serpent etc. Most of them in the northwest corner in the Midday Market. These pages are worth anything from 5g to several plat each. Most of the ones you find here will be in the 5-50g range but you will find a lot of them.

In about 5 minutes in the zone you can get 10 – 20 pages. So in an hour you can get 100 + pages at least and it’s all real simple. Just start somewhere and make your way around the zone in a circle. Pick up every page that you see. Even if they all were just worth 5g a piece you would still be getting so many that you can make 5 plat in an hour. Just remember that all of them wont sell at once you there’s no need to farm here for hours and get hundreds of each, but it is still a nice place to hit up once in a while to fill up the broker.

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    Mar 09, 2015

    those pages are only worth 6c, don't waste your time

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