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Neverwinter Profession Leveling Guide

Neverwinter Profession Leveling Guide

With Neverwinter Mod 15, Heart of Fire, comes a big update to the profession system. Come back for a updated guide soon!


Profession leveling in Neverwinter is quite a slow ordeal, especially if you are leveling the profession that most people will want to level, Leadership. But there are some tips that you can use to level up your professions faster.

General Profession Leveling Tips

  • Occasionally Cryptic will host x2 Profession XP events, so keep an eye out in the in-game calendar.
  • Having better assets will cut down on your time, but can be expensive.
  • The most efficient way to get to max level in Leadership and unlocking all the slots is to level either leatherworking, platesmithing, mailsmithing or tailoring to 20. Then using one slot to level Alchemy to 20 while you level Leadership.
  • While you are actively playing, it is usually best to do fast tasks that award a moderate or high amount of XP. But if you are leaving and are planning to stay AFK for a few hours, doing a long duration, high XP task is best.
  • Black Ice Shaping is leveled in the Icewind Dale campaign and is not covered here.

Unlocking Profession Slots

There are 9 available Professions slots that you can use for your tasks. When leveling, having as many as possible unlocked is a plus. Three of these slots will be unlocked by normal leveling. The next three are updated when you level a profession to level 3, 10 and 20.

One is unlocked when you get three professions to level 20. I usually only use leadership on all my chars, but to unlock this, I level alchemy to level 20 while leveling leadership. But before that I will level Leatherworking, platesmithing, mailsmithing or tailoring to level 20. These are all pretty quick to level to 20.

Neverwinter Profession Slots

The next slots are opened by getting rank 3 rewards from a task. The easiest way to get a rank 3 reward in to get Alchemy to level 3. Uncheck the “Hide Tasks with Unmet Requirements”, and look for a rare (blue) task. Rare tasks can be completed to gain rank 3 rewards, but you will need 3 or 4 crucibles that you can buy off the AH. I had 4 that i bought and that i circled around all my characters to unlock it on all of them, then sold it.

The last slot is unlocked by completing a task with a 100% speed bonus. This is done by assigning 2 epic quality assets to a task. Like on the previous task, i bought 2 hero’s that I sent around to all my alts so i could complete a task with 100% speed bonus on all the alts.

Picking the Right Tasks

If you want to level without micromanaging a lot, you can level most professions with the task “Deep Wilderness Gathering”. This does take quite some time, but you won’t have to log in all the time.

Neverwinter Profession Tasks

If you want to level really fast, you can by buying “Bag of Gems”, “Bag of Jewels” etc on the AH, and doing the tasks that require them. This is really expensive though and leveling these professions is generally fast anyway.


Alchemy is leveled fastest by buying certain items that you need off the AH. For the first few levels, you will need Green and Blue Vitriol and Solvent. Vitriol is from the AH and Solvent is from the Profession vendor. After that uncheck “Hide Tasks with Unmet Requirements” to see what you need for the following Experiments and Research.


After doing the first few intro task, start doing “Martial Training” and “Guard Duty”. At level 7, head over to the Profession in Protector’s Enclave vendor and buy armor and weapons for all your assets. You can now start doing “Tactical Training”. At level 10, start doing “Battle Undead, at 13 “War Games Training” and “Patrol the Mines”.

Leatherworking, Platesmithing, Mailsmithing, Tailoring, Artificing, Weaponsmithing, Jewelrycrafting

Like I said earlier, these can be leveled without much hassle with “Deep Wilderness Gathering” or fast by buying the bags. But the way I like to do it, which is faster than “Deep Wilderness Gathering and cheaper than the bags is buy buying stacks of the needed resources from the AH. Like if you are starting out with Leatherworking, you will need to buy a bunch of “Simple Leather” and doing the task that requires it. These tasks start at level two and will award you with 25 or 50 XP and will take less than an hour to complete, so if you have all the slots unlocked you will do over a level an hour in the beginning. After a few levels, tasks that award you 150-180 XP will become available and generally will need basically the same resources. That is all there is to it, leveling these professions should generally be very quick.


If you have any questions about our Profession Leveling Guide, leave a comment below!

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