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Nightblade Magicka PvP Build – MagBlade – ESO Elsweyr

This is a Nightblade Magicka PvP build for ESO, intended for most players. The build is updated for Elsweyr. If you have any questions about the Nightblade Magicka PvP build, leave a comment below.

This Nightblade Magicka PvP build has high burst damage and sustain with good utility skills for PvP.

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Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Index

Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Basics

Best Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Race: Breton > High Elf (Altmer) > Dark Elf (Dunmer)

Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Attributes: All Magicka

Should I play as a Vampire as a Nightblade Magicka PvP Build: Completely optional.

Best Mundus Stone for a Nightblade Magicka PvP Build: The Atronach

Best Potion for a Nightblade Magicka PvP Build: Essence of Spell Power (Cornflower, Lady’s Smock, Water Hyacinth)


Best Food for Nightblade Magicka PvP:
Clockwork Citrus Filet or Witchmother’s Potent Brew.


Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Skills

What are the best weapons to use as a Nightblade Magicka PvP? It is recommended that you have one bar for Restoration staff, and one bar for either Destruction staff (Fire).


Nightblade Magicka PvP Main Bar – Fire Staff:

Slot 1: Destructive Reach

Slot 2: Merciless Resolve

Slot 3: Swallow Soul

Slot 4: Double Take

Slot 5: Shadow Image

Ultimate: Soul Tether

Nightblade Magicka PvP Alternate Bar – Restoration Staff:

Slot 1: Crippling Grasp

Slot 2: Mutagen

Slot 3: Ward Ally

Slot 4: Siphoning Attacks

Slot 5: Shadowy Disguise

Ultimate: Light’s Champion

Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Passive Skills

Assassination Passives: All

Shadow Passives: All

Siphoning Passives: All

Destruction Staff Passives: All

Restoration Staff Passives: All

Light Armor Passives: All

Heavy Armor Passives: Resolve – Constitution – Juggernaut

Medium Armor Passives: Dexterity – Wind Walker – Improved Sneak – Athletics

Fighters Guild Passives: Banish the Wicked

Undaunted Passives: All

Racial Passives: All

Alchemy Passives: Medicinal Use

Assault Passives: All

Support Passives: All

Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Champion Points

The first bolded number indicated below is for an 810 champion point build. The second number within the ( ) is for 300 champion point builds.

If you need to gain more champion points fast, see our ESO Leveling Guide.

The Mage Champion Points (Blue)

The Ritual: 18 Thaumaturge

The Atronach: 56 (18) Master-At-Arms – 20 Shattering Blows – 21 Staff Expert

The Apprentice: 27 (27) Elemental Expert – 48 (20) Elfborn – 53 (16) Spell Erosion – 27 (19) Blessed

The Thief Champion Points (Green)

The Shadow: 58 Shadow Ward – 30 Tumbling

The Lover: 100 (64) Arcanist – 32 (32) Tenacity

The Tower: 38 (4) Warlord – 11 Sprinter – 1 Siphoner

The Warrior Champion Points (Red)

The Lord: 37 Quick Recovery

The Lady: 43 (23) Hardy – 43 (23) Elemental Defender – 28 Thick Skinned

The Steed: 44 (31) Ironclad – 55 (23) Resistant – 20 Spellshield

Nightblade Magicka PvP Build Gear

If you need gold to buy gear for your build, check out our ESO Gold Farming Guide, with tips on how to make tons of ESO gold.

Head: Valkyn Skoria Weight: Heavy Trait: Impenetrable Enchant: Prismatic

Shoulders: Valkyn Skoria Weight: Medium Trait: Impenetrable Enchantment: Prismatic

Chest: Torug’s Pact Weight: Light Trait: Impenetrable Enchant: Prismatic

Gloves: Torug’s Pact Weight: Light Trait: Impenetrable Enchant: Prismatic

Legs: Torug’s Pact Weight: Light Trait: Impenetrable Enchant: Prismatic

Belt: Torug’s Pact Weight: Light Trait: Impenetrable Enchant: Prismatic

Boots: Torug’s Pact Weight: Light Trait: Impenetrable Enchant: Prismatic

Necklace: Willpower Type: Jewelry Trait: Infused Enchant: Magicka Recovery

Rings: Willpower Type: Jewelry Trait: Infused Enchant: Spell Cost Reduction

Fire Staff: Destructive Impact Trait: Infused Enchant: Fire Damage

Restoration Staff: Mender’s Ward Trait: Infused Enchant: Spell Damage

This Nightblade Magicka PvP build is continuously updated, leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

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