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Plat Guide : Mistmoore Collectibles

For this Plat Making Guide you should be a few levels above level 80 in order to have everything in Castle Mistmoore and Mistmoore Catacombs greyed out. Once you are good to go, head to the Loping Plain and Castle Mistmore.

Here we are going to look for shinys or “?” as they are known. The “?” here are worth a lot of plat but are pretty easy to farm. Since everything is greyed out you can move freely about.

What you will be looking for :

Discarded Ribcage : 30p

Ogre Blood Vial : 15p each

Slayer Tools – Silver Spike : 10p each

Red Stained Glass Fragment : 10p each

(These prices are based on my server “Guk”)

When i am here i always get a couple per hour and i have at times gotten up to 5 per hour and even gotten them twice in a row. They also sell pretty quickly so this is a real good way to make some plat.

The way i like to do it is like this:

1) Do a lap around the starting floor.

2) Go upstairs and into all the rooms.

3) Go Downstairs and work your way in a circle here.

4) Once you get to the zone in to Mistmoore Catacombs, go down and do a lap there.

5) Come back up and finish your circle in the Castle Mistmoore.

6) Go back up to the starting floor and rinse and repeat.

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