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Reaper of Souls Fast Solo Leveling 60 – 70

Reaper of Souls Leveling

As you start Reaper of Souls you will probably notice the first 2-3 levels go by pretty quickly but at around 64-65 it will start to slow down quite a bit. Since you probably don’t have very good gear you have to be careful as well. In this quick guide i will show you how to level up quickly all the way from 60 – 70. All in all it will take a few hours to reach level 70.

I usually do this at Torment I or II, but choose your difficulty based on your skills and gear. Just pick whatever difficulty you can survive and still kill the mobs.

When you are ready choose Act II “A Royal Audience”. The reason this quest is good for leveling is because it hasĀ  a lot of mobs and you are guaranteed to not meet any elite mobs so you can handle a higher difficulty and get more XP and level to 70 quickly.

Do what the quest tell you to do.

Go through the city and into the gates.

Skip the cutscene and kill the mobs here.

Move through the gates and clear the next area.

At the end go into the sewers and get a substantial amount of Quest XP. You can now redo these steps or do the optional below.


After moving through the sewer you can also continue here but there can be a few elites down here. I like to just speed past all the mobs here and up to the Wretched Pit. It’s pretty easy to find since the area is small. Go up here and kill a very easy boss for more XP. Head back through the portal and go back to town for more quest XP.

Check out the video below if anything is unclear.

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