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RoS Paragon Solo Leveling : The Matriarch’s Bones 15M XP in 5 Minutes

The Matriarchs Bones

This method of leveling Paragon Levels can be used by anyone at level 70. Although we will be playing at Torment VI you don’t need any good gear, but Movement Speed and anything that can help you take a hit or two and survive helps. You will also get quite a lot of gold doing this, about 200k per run. There are more bounties you can do like this, check our leveling section for more.

First of all be sure to choose Torment IV in Adventure Mode. Log into the game and check if the bounty “The Matriarch’s Bones” is available in the Cemetery of the Forsaken (Act I Area) . If it is not, log out and back in. If it is available head over to the Cemetery. Quite close to where you arrive you will see the yellow arrow that tell you what dungeon to enter.

Enter the Cemetery of the Forsaken and head through the dungeon. The is basically just one way to go until you reach the bounty area. Don’t stop and don’t attack any of the mobs. After a short run you will find Lady Dunhyld. Talk to her. Now click the 3 urns. Don’t mind the boss mob that spawns. After clicking the urns, click the Dunhyld Sarcophagus and there you go, 15M+ XP. Wait for the loot to drop from the Sarcophagus, then port back.

Check out the video below if anything is unclear.

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