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Ruins of Varsoon Plat Farming

The Ruins of Varsoon is a dungeon located of the Thundering Steppes. And in the far end of the dungeon is a very good spot for making some extra plat, we will be farming 3 rooms close to each other with nameds that drop goodies. While you wait for respawns here you can also visit the very short instance the Chamber of Immortality here that usually gives you 2 masters and some other stuff. All in all you should be getting 3-5 masters an hour here, plus collectable ? and legendary and fabled items.

First head to the Ruins of Varsoon back entrance, marked on the map below :

Location of the back entrance.

Then make your way to the area shown on the map below (get the Eq2map addon if you don’t have it, so you can easily find your way):

ruins of varsoon
Room 1, 2 and 3 are the areas you want to farm.

As you can see i have marked the three room you want to farm on the map above. As you open the doors you will see groups of undead. Kill the undead and new groups should spawn instantly 2 or 3 times. When you have killed all the groups, a named will spawn behind a curtain in the room.

Respawns takes about 20 minutes or so and there are a couple of things you can do. Check the nearby rooms for even more nameds, there are a few more around. Do Chamber of Immortality, takes 5 minutes and almost always gives you 2 masters and some stuff. And lastly in each of the three rooms, collectable ? respawns super fast so be sure to pick these up as there are some valuable ones to be had here.

After farming for about 40 minutes here i got:

5 Masters : 6p

3 Tradeskill Rares : 1,5p

15 Collectables : 8p

25 Treasured Gear Pieces : 2p

2 Legendary Gear Pieces: 0,5p

14 Adept Spells : 1p

Total : 19 Plat in 40 minutes!

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