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Runescape Combat Leveling Guide 1 – 100

In this Runescape Combat leveling guide i will show you how to level up your skills pretty fast in RS. Leveling in Runescape can sometimes be really slow so this guide will hopefully show you some tips. If you are a new player coming to RS, you should know that there are a lot of skills you can level up. This guide will focus on the mail skills of the Warrior, Attack, Defense, Strength and Hitpoints. I will in this guide show you how to quickly level combat to level 100.

Combat Level 3 – 25

Go north from Lumbridge to east Varrock bank. Use the attack that gives you Attack experience. Go into the house and click the training dummies until your attack is at level 8, this should take you to around combat level 5.

Port back to Lumbridge . Head to the eastern part of Lumbridge and use the attack that gives you Strength experience and start killing the goblins and spiders.  Get Strength to 22, then train defense to level 5 and attack to level 10. You should now be around level 15.

Before heading out, get some food. You might want to gear up a bit at this point if you have the money. Now head northwest past Falador to the Goblin Village. Get your defense and attack up to 20 here and your strength to 25. This should take you to around level 25.

Combat Level 26 – 45

Now is also a good time to upgrade your gear if you can.  Check out our gold making section for tips on how to make some gold if you need it. I suggest you get some Mithril gear at this point.

Now head east from Lumbridge to Al’Kharid. Either to the quest to pass through the gate or pay 10 gold. Head to the palace and kill the Al Kharid warriors. Be careful around here because it’s easy to get adds. Get your attack and defense to 30 and your strength to 35. This shoul take you to around level 35.

Get some gear upgrades around now. Head up to Varrock and into the sewers. Kill the skeletons here and Level up strength, attack and defense here until you are level 45.

Combat Level 46 – 60

At around level 45 move on to the moss giants in the Varrock Sewers. Fight these and get up attack, strength and defense here until you are level 60.

Combat Level 61 – 100

Get some gear upgrades and head to Stronghold of Security. Move past the first two levels of the stronghold. At the third level fight the spiders. Level up strength, defense and attack here. I usually go 5 points at a time to keep the skill levels close. The experience is really good and can be farmed all the way to level 100 and above.

Once you are finished grinding the spiders, grats on level 100!


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    Feb 27, 2017

    dude this is amazing i got lvl 99 att/def/str just by doing this

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