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Runescape Money Making Guide 2012


So looks like Shad’s Runescape Billionaires Guide has been updated since i last used it. I am actually using it now and it works as good as ever, and it feels really nice to not have to worry about having enough gold. Sure there are tons of free guides for Runescape on how to make gold, even a few good ones on this site. But having Shad’s guide just feels like the money is flowing in, millions of gold every hour. At the moment i am putting in minimal time into Runescape due to other games, but still i just seem to be raking in the money. It is no doubt that this is by far the best Runescape money making guide there is.

The guide even comes with some awesome bonus features like How to have a #1 RS clan in just a month, an Ultimate Unbanning Guide to get you unbanned in RS, a daily 20M in just 20 minutes guide and quite a few other neat guides that really helps out a lot.

If you are a Runescape Players i wouldn’t hesitate on getting this guide, as it really is the best Runescape money making guide there is.


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