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Solusek’s Eye Plat Farming Guide

Solusek’s Eye or Sol A used to be a very popular zone back in the day. It is still a good zone to level in your 30’s but mostly the zone is deserted. If you are level 50 + with a mercenary you can make some quick plat here. In a short hour here you can easily acquire gear worth a few thousand plat. The goblins themselves drop up to 3 plat.

The goblins here don’t hit very hard and have low hp so what you want to do it go in and make your way around the zone. Once you have a bunch of goblins on you, kill all of them (having a mercenary makes this faster). Do this until your inventory is full. Now you could either choose to save items that stack and that you can sell to a vendor if you need quick plat. Make sure to delete all low value items, especially the ones that don’t stack. The second way is to just save all the defiant gear, an hour or so here should provide you with 30 + pieces of defiant gear that some players will pay some plat for to use on their alts. Now defiant gear might sell fast, or it might sell slow depending on your server. I have 2 traders up at all times so i like to have some defiant gear for sale at all times. The Defiant Pieces will sell for anything from 20 to 500 plat, so for 30 or so pieces you might make 3000 plat +, but if it takes you a long time to sell it is probably not worth it. If it sell quickly though this is the best way to make money here. It is also a good place to go if you want gear for your new alt.

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