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Swtor Credits Guide : Reselling on the Galactic Trade Network

Maybe the best way of making money in Star Wars : The Old Republic is by reselling on the Galactic Trade Network, this means going in and buying low and selling high. Most Swtor players are impatient and because the Trade Network automatically prices your auctions, there are going to be a lot of players throwing stuff out there for much less than it’s worth. It’s therefor relatively easy to go in and make a huge profits from picking up cheap items and selling them for the double or triple amount that you paid.

All the Trade Networks across one factions is linked together, so auctions from all the players on your faction will be available to you.  I’ve tried making money in any way possible in Swtor and this is by far the best method. It can be tedious though and you will spend quite some time looking at the Trade Network screen.

In the beginning you can earn some credits by just guesstimating what items to go for, as most items can be sold again for a profit. As you learn the market and learn to spot trends among the playerbase, you will start to make huge amounts of credits. ‘

Tips for Reselling:

  • Start with one or a couple types of items. You will have to learn what items are popular and what can be sold for the most profit. I started reselling weapons and gear first to learn as much as i could about that part of the market. If you take on the whole market at once you can easily be overwhelmed.

  • Combine reselling with your crew skills. Crew skills are very important as well and a good and steady way to make money. Always have your crew out getting stuff for you that you can sell, since you are already at the Trade Network.

  • Don’t undercut too much. This will just bring the market value down, and there will be less money to be made. Try just undercutting by 1 credit, and if someone undercuts you, just leave it. The market is big enough and you will probably sell your items just as fast.

  • If someone undercuts you by a lot. Simply buy his items as well and make a profit from them.

  • Keep a monopoly on things. If you keep buying every single one of a particular item, you can dictate the market price as you like and make a ton of credits. High level players have almost unlimited amounts of credits so they usually wont mind paying at whatever price you are selling for.

In the end reselling is different from server to server. And every player should learn the market and learn to do it in his on fashion. When you learn how to use the Galactic Trade Network correctly, there are millions upon millions of credits to be made.

Want to learn how to make millions of credits fast?

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