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Swtor Crew Skill Guide

Crew Skills

Crew skills in SWTOR are the same as crafting, tradeskills and professions in other Mmorpgs. The big difference though is that you are not actually doing the crafting and usually not the gathering. You send your companions out to do these things for you, while you cover the costs. These costs are usually covered by the money you earn from selling the items later. Having companions doing these things for you makes it possible for you to send a companion out to craft or gather while you spend your time leveling, pvping or whatever you want. Try to always have your companions out doing missions when you don’t need them.

Different Crew Skills:

Crafting Skills : Crafting Skills are used to create various items in game, like armor, weapons, stims, medpacks and mods. When you send your companion out to craft, he or she will be gone for 1 minute per item. You can create 5 items at a time per companion available.

  • Gathering Skills : You can do gathering yourself and it work like in most Mmorpgs, you head out to the zone or planet of your choosing and at various places you will find nodes that you can harvest. These nodes will reward you with several different types of items that can be used in crafting. When you click a node, your companion will harvest it for you.

– Mission Skills : These skills will send your companion out on missions. These missions can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours. Your companion will be unavailable for the period of the mission. After the time has passed, your companion will return with items or the mission may fail and you get nothing. Tip: When not playing, stay logged into the game, and just send your companions out on missions when you can as you don’t have to be at the keyboard to do missions.

Crafting Crew Skills:

– Craft Stims, Adrenals, Medkits and Implants.

  • Uses items from Bioanalasys and Diplomacy

– Craft color crystals, relics, enhancements and hilts for force users.

  • Uses items from Archeology and Treasure Hunting.

– Craft all sorts of armor for force users.

  • Uses items from Archeology and Underworld Trading.

– Craft all sorts of armor for other non force users.

  • Uses items form Scavenging and Underworld Trading.

– Craft all sorts of weapons and barrel mods.

  • Uses items from scavenging and Investigation.

– Craft earpiece, mods and armoring.

  • Uses items from Scavenging and Underworld Trading

Gathering Crew Skills:

– Analyzes dead creatures and plants found throughout the planets.

  • Gathers items for Biochem

– Mines crystals and various materials.

  • Gathers items for Artifice and Synthweaving.

– Finds usable items by scavenging through junk.

  • Gathers items for Armstech, Cybertech and Armormech

– Harvests lockboxes and computers for various rewards and credits.

Mission Crew Skills:

Underworld Trading:
– Rewards you with items for Synthweaving, Cybertech and Armormech. As well as companion gifts.

– Rewards you with items for Armstech. As well as Gear, Credits and companion gifts.

Treasure Hunting:
– Rewards you with items for Artifice. As well as Gear, Credits and companion gifts.

– Rewards you with items for Biochem. As well as Dark or Light side points and companion gifts.

Crew Skill Combinations:

You can pair skills as you like, but it is wise to choose skills that compliment each other. The list below show the recommended crew skill combinations.

Cybertech – Scavenging – Underworld Trading

Biochem – Bioanalasis – Diplomacy

Sythweaving – Archeology – Underworld Trading

Artifice – Archeology – Treasure Hunting

Armstech – Scavenging – Investigation

Armormech – Scavenging – Underworld Trading

Slicing is a standalone skill and does not benefit any other skill in particular.

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