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In Star Wars : The Old Republic there are several ways to level up and a few different types of quests and missions. In this guide i will show you the different kinds of quests and ways of leveling you character.

The level cap in Swtor is 50, and it can take anywhere from 100 – 200 + hourse to reach the cap depending on your playstyle. Some ways of leveling are a lot faster than others, so knowing as much as possible about the different ways of leveling can increase leveling speed. Generally the best way of leveling is a combination of normal questing, grouping, PvP and doing Space Battles.

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Quests in SWTOR

In SWTOR there are several types of quests. You will most likely be doing mostly normal solo quests, but the best thing is doing a bit of each type of quest. This way you will get good XP, gear and you won’t get bored¬† by doing the same thing all the way.

Class Quests

All the different classes in SWTOR have their own questline. These quests go through your whole leveling experience, and will reward you with some of the most important things in the game like companions and ships. Without these companions and your ship you wouldn’t get far so doing your class quests are important. These quests are very well made and is one of the aspects that separate SWTOR from other Mmorpgs. You can solo all your class quests, but they can also be done in groups.

Soloing Quests

Most quests in SWTOR will be normal solo quests. They are the meat and potatoes of leveling, you will probably do a lot of them but they usually aren’t the most exciting quests. These are all the normal quests that doesn’t require a group and isn’t part of your class quests. Since you won’t always be in a group, and you won’t be PvPing or doing Space Battle all the time, doing normal solo quests is probably what you will be doing most of the time while leveling.

Bonus Quests

Bonus quests are quests you will usually automatically get when you are out questing / grinding. They will usually have you killing mobs in the area you are already questing in, so they can be done quickly while doing other quests. You don’t even have to turn them in, you automatically get XP when you complete the quest.

World Quests and Arcs

World quests are chains of quests that involve a specific planet. These can be done solo with a companion or but some can be wise to get a group for.

World Arcs are similar to World quests but are longer chains and will sometimes involve several planets.

Heroic Quests

Heroic quests are group quests that will require to find other players to group with, although some can be completed solo. There are often players looking for partners for these quests in the chat so keep a look out if you want to complete them. These quests usually involve killing some powerful monsters and will reward you with good gear.


Flashpoints are instances that will require full groups to complete. You can use your companions in here but it is best to have a group of 4 players. You can repeat the Flashpoints as many times as you like and with a full group they are great sources of XP and gear.

Other Ways to Level

There are also other ways to level up if you want to mix it up a little. Both PvP and Space Battles are great sources of XP.

PvP Leveling

Participating in PvP combat will also reward you with a good amount of XP. Both open world PvP and Warzones will reward you with both good gear and XP.

You can level from level 10 to level 50 just by doing PvP. I usually mix it up and do some PvP leveling in between questing. This way i get good gear from PvP,which in turn makes it easier to level in general.

Space Battles

When you finish Coruscant / Dromund Kaas questlines you will be awarded with a ship that you can do space battles with. These provide great XP and you can level all the way to 50 with these as well, but like with PvP it’s best to use them with other ways of leveling.¬† For a full guide on how to level with Space Battles check out our SWTOR Space Mission Leveling Guide.

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