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Swtor : Quick Planet / Leveling Overview

This isn’t meant as a full leveling guide, just a quick overview on where to go at what level. For more tips on leveling check out our leveling guides sections. There are of course loads of other places and ways to level in Swtor so don’t feel like you have to stick to this too much to level fast.

1-10 Starting area / planet

  • Hutta – Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter
  • Korriban – Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior
  • Ord Mantell – Troopers and Smugglers
  • Tython – Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars

This part is pretty straight forward. Just follow the quests all through your starting planet and you’ll be level 10 and ready to leave in no time.

10-16 Coruscant / Dromund Kaas

Straight Forward like the starting planet. Follow the questlines to the end to get your ship.

When you finish here at around level 15 you will get access to your ship and you can start doing Space Battles for extra Xp. Check out our Space Battle Leveling Guide for more info.

16-21 Taris for Republic. Balmorra for Empire

When you have your ship, more options will be available to you. Taris or Balmorra should be your first stop depending on your faction.

21-25 Nar Shaddaa

25-30 Tatooine

31-36 Balmorra for Republic. Taris for Empire.

36-37 Quesh

37-40 Hoth

40-45 Belsavis

46-47 Voss

48-50 Corellia

50 Ilum

Want to level to level 50 in record time? Check out :

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  • The companions in the game are Vette,T7-01, Bowdar,
    Kaliyo, Tanno Vik and Mako. Collect Credits and level up the characters are the two primary things in the
    game actively playing. Multiple players can be involved in the completion of objectives.

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