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Swtor Space Mission Leveling Guide

Star Wars : The Old Republic has quite a few ways to level up. The traditional way of soloing quests and content is the most popular one, but you can also PvP, group and do group content or you can grind Space Missions from your ship. This is a great way to level and will award you with some of the best and fastest XP in the game. It’s kind of like powerleveling yourself.

You can use this method of leveling all the way to level 50, but you are going to miss out on all the content. So either do this on an alt if you want to experience all the content, or combine this way of leveling with the traditional way. Running a lot of space missions will be quite tedious , but it is one of the fastest ways to level. This method of leveling is also good to combine with leveling through PvP.

Before starting you will need to level the usual way and go through the game until the Dromund Kaas or Coruscant storyline. At the end of these storylines you will get your ship and you will be ready for space battle. You will be around level 15 at this point.

Want to level to level 50 as fast as possible?

List of all Space Ships:

Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular Ship
Imperial Agent Ship
Bounty Hunter Ship
Smuggler Ship
Trooper Ship
Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior Ship

 Starting Space Missions

Now when you’ve got your ship, head over to the Control room / pilot area of your space ship. Click the Galaxy map and look for little ships on the map that indicate space battles. Be sure to get all the Space battle quests from the terminal close to the map / pilot seat. Once you complete the space battles, daily space battle quests will become available to you. These should be repeated as often as possible as they reward awesome XP.

Not all battles will be available initially but new ones will become available as you level up your character, New battles are are available at level : 12, 20, 28, 34, 40, 44 and 48.

 How to Play

Once you are in a space mission you won’t have total control over your ship, the game is like a good old rail shooter where the ship flies it self, you just have to fire at the enemy and avoid their attack by dodging enemy fire. You have two types of attack at your disposal, blaster fire (left mouse) and missiles (right mouse). Fly the ship around to dodge using the mouse and press space to do a barrel roll to avoid gunfire.

The energy shield on your ship will recharge when you are not firing blasters, so be careful not to fire to much when the shields are damaged or the won’t recharge. Firing missiles does not affect shield regen though.


Go into the character screen by pressing “C” and select ship and you will see a bunch of parts that can be upgraded much like your gear for your character. These upgrades are necessary for you to get or you won’t survive for long in the later space missions. You can either purchase them for credits or for fleet commendations that you earn through space battles. They can be crafted using Cybertech as well.

Ship Armor: Grants you toughness that will make you able to withstand more damage.

Energy Shield: Deflects damage by putting a shield around your ship.

Shield Generator: Improves the rate at which the Energy shield regenerates.

Beam Charger: Increases Blaster damage.

Beam Generator:  Makes your Blasters fire faster.

Missile Magazine: Makes it possible for your ship to hold more missiles.

Power Conversion Module: Available at level 25 for 30 fleet commendations. This will allow you to switch between extra blaster damage or extra shield regen.

Electronic Warfare Pod:  Available at level 35 for 90 fleet commendations. This will make you immune to damage for 10 seconds.

EMP Generator: Available at level 45 for 150 fleet commendations, this is an AOE (Area of effect) type of attack for your ship.

Proto Torpedo Tube: Available at level 50 for 50 fleet commendations. This powerful attack will make it possible to destroy a shielded ship in one blast.


Leveling by just doing space missions is going to be very tedious so I’m going to list a couple of way that i like to do it to break up the monotony.

  • Alt Leveling: If you are leveling an alt. You should park it in the ship and log in once a day and do all the dailies and quests and turn them in. Then log out or go play your main, then come back and do the same thing the next day. This is a very effective way to level up if you have many Alts.

– With PvP : Combine doing PvP with space missions. This is what i usually do, leveling from PvP can also be efficient and combined its even more efficient.

– With Normal Leveling: Just head out and level the normal way. When you want, head back and do space missions until you’re bored with them then go level outside again. This will keep you slightly ahead of the curve when leveling and leveling will get easier and faster.

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