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The Broken Blade Gold Farming

In this guide we will be farming a the Broken Blade (Act 1, Part 5) on Inferno. Farming this with 300% gold find can make you 10000 – 15000 gold a minute and it’s really rather easy.

To begin select no monster power. Then select the broken Blade quest where you have to talk to Alaric.

Head through the waypoint to the Drowned Temple. Run down and talk to Alaric to open the bridge. Go across the bridge and get the waypoint in the Crypt of the Ancients.

Once you have the waypoint. You can log out to the character select and when you resume you will resume at the Crypt of the Ancients.

There are a lot of mobs in here but it only takes a minute or so to complete. So just blast through the area and kill everything and loot all the chests.

Port back to New Tristram and log out.

Resume back into the game and rise and repeat.

Picking up every blue and rare item, you should fill up your bags after 5-6 runs. A full bag of items will sell to a merchant for 25-30k.

Using this method you can easily make over 750k gold an hour.

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