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The Great Span Farming

The Great Span is one of my favorite farming spots in Diablo 3 and i always seem to get loads of good loot here. With high magic find this place is like christmas.

Before you start grinding the Great Span you will want to get as much magic find as you can.  When you are ready to go, head to the Great Span Waypoint on Inferno or whatever difficulty you want to farm.

From the Great Span you will head to the Silver Spire Level 2 and talk to the guy there to get the boss to spawn. Now head back out and get the waypoint to The Crystal Colonnade and Head to Gateway to the Silver Spire and go to The Silver Spire Level 1 where you will find the other boss. The drops from these two bosses are very good and you can make a fortune here in a short amount of time.

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the great span

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