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The Underbridge Farming Guide

For this guide we will be farming the Underbridge on Inferno, it’s a great place to find Resplendent Chests and treasure goblins and you can make a ton of gold here. There are also elite mobs here, you can skip these if you want by leading them of somewhere. The chest won’t always be here, but most of the time it is. You are however going to get an elite every time and chests and treasure goblins most of the time.

To get to the Underbridge. Go to act 3 and go to the Rakkis Crossing Waypoint and just blast through to get the checkpoint right before you exit Rakkis Crossing. Right to the left of the checkpoint there may and may not be a door, this is the door to the Underbridge. If it’s not there, leave game after you have gotten the checkpoint and re-enter until the door is there, it’s going to be there about 70% of the time. Go into The Underbridge, it’s a small zone so you’ll find everything you want here quickly. Leave game and rinse and repeat from the checkpoint. There are several places in the zone where the chest can spawn, sometimes you have to look for it for a while.

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the underbridge


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