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Tips for Making Gold in Lotro

Making tons of gold in Lotro can be easy if you know the right methods. There are several good ways to earn gold and combining as many as possible of them is probably the best way. This guide will show you some of the ways you can use to earn your fortune in Lotro.

1: Always loot everything. You can turn on always loot all in the Ui settings part of the options. Sell trash to vendors, and sell what you can on the Auction house. Looting won’t provide you with much in the beginning but it quickly adds up.

2: Don’t spend money on gear that you don’t need. To begin with you don’t need any other gear than what you get from quests and drops. So don’t spend fortunes on gear on the AH.

3: Gathering Professions like mining and foresting can earn you quite a lot of gold. Mining is generally the one that brings in the most gold.

4: When you start to accumulate some wealth you can start crafting. Crafting is expensive to train, but when you reach a high enough skill level you can really earn a lot of gold.

5: Reselling on the Auction House is maybe the best way to make a lot of gold quickly. This takes some time to learn, but when done right you can earn a fortune. Keep a look out for bargains and resell for a profit.

6: Grinding is repetitive and boring. But if you find the right spots, grinding can be a gold mine. Keep an eye out for mobs that have a high drop rate of valuable items.


Sunday 25th of January 2015

Worthless. Just a list of common sense that doesn't provide any examples. For instance, where is a good place to grind for loot at level 50? Who knows, because this guide doesn't say it!