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Training and Learning Languages Guide

In Everquest most races have their own languages. If a players is talking while having for example the tier’dal (Dark elf language) active, only other dark elfs or people who have learned that language will understand what hes saying. Character that havent yet learned the tier’dal language will only get a bunch of gibberish letters in their chatbox. But all classes thankfully knows the common language so everyone can understand each other. Aside from roleplay reasons there are quite a few charm items in the game that will increase in power as your language skills increase, like the Tainted Heartstone , Charm of Exotic Speech, Petrified Mushroom Stalk, and Flawed Defiant Charm .

The Languages available in the game are:

Common Tongue
Dark Elvish
Thieves Cant
Old Erudian
Elder Elvish
Combine Tongue
Elder Teir’Dal
Elder Dragon
Dark Speech
Vah Shir

There are two ways to train languages, one being using skillpoints at your class trainer to learn them. This is a waste of skillpoints though so the best way is to learn from someone who already knows the language. Simply group with someone who knows the language, the teacher can then make a macro to spam text in the group chat and the student will then learn the language. This depends on the students intelligence or wisdom but this shouldnt be a problem with defiant gear as its now easy to cap all stats early. To make a simple macro go to the socials menu and right click on one of the buttons, fill out all the lines with /groupsay “And a line of text, just put whatever you want”. Next right click on the chatwindow and choose the language you want to teach. Click the button you just made until the student has 100 skillpoints in the chosen language.

You can also actually teach a language to 1 more skillup than your current skill. So if you have 16 in Elder Dragon you can teach up to 17. Then the other player can teach you up to 18 and so on, creating a ladder method that you can both gain skillups.

With f2p you can learn the languages of the f2p classes simply by making a new account, grouping up with your newly made f2p character and then learning the language of the race of that character.

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    Oct 17, 2013

    Not sure how old this is but as of 2013, you can train yourself as long as you have a mercenary active (even passive)
    and only need ONE point which can be bought from your Class trainer if you have the points. Level restricts some languages although not sure why (you CAN learn them, they are just not able to be trained at your class trainer).

    You only need to have someone train you ONCE to learn any language solo. That is to say you must have gotten at LEAST one point to train further and it just randomly updates as you spam in group to main chat window, with main chat language set to the one you want to max.

    Takes a long time to do them all 🙂 but a group of 5-6 players can ALL spam a different one LOL.

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