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Vial of Water Guide 100k GP Per Hour (No Skill Required)


In this guide we are going to make some quick gold by filling Vials with water. This is a easy way to make gold and anyone can do it since in requires no skills!

First buy some Empty Vials. Lets say you buy 1000 vial at a total of 3000gp.

Then go deposit the vials in the bank and withdraw a full inventory of vials.

Now head over to the fountain in the center of the Grand Exchange and fill all the vials with water.

Repeat this until you have filled all the vials.

Now sell your Vial. You will get about 33gp each, totaling at 39600gp! This shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes so you can easily make 100k gold an hour doing this!

If you want to know how to make even more gold (billions of gold) Check out the guide below!


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