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Wailing Caves Plat Farming Guide

The Wailing Caves is a low level dungeon in the commonlands, mobs here are around level 15-20 so you can mentor down pretty early and dominate this place, making it a good place to make plat from early on. Anyone level 50+ should be able to solo here efficiently for plat. We won’t be looking from anything in specific while farming here, just blast through the dungeon and loot everything. Try to get to the bosses as often as possible to get Masters and other goodies. Even though the items here are low level, some of them can fetch quite a few plat on the Broker. A good way to make some extra plat is to send a message in the chat that you can boost low levels through here since you are going anyways.

15 minutes of farming here and i got 2, 40 slot bags full of stuff. This is what i got :

2 Humming Reactant (3pp each) : 6pp

6 Legendary Weapons and Gear : 4,5pp

2 Tradeskill Rares : 50g

1 Master Spell : 1pp

20 Status Items : 20g

5 Adept Spells : 60g

2 Small Decaying Bone : 50 g

2 Advanced Tradeskill Volumes 50g

1 Collectable : 10g

20 Treasured Items : 4pp

Total : 17,9PP in about 15 minutes of work.

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