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Wine of Zamorak Money Making Guide F2P


For this method of make Runescape Money you are going to want to have 33 (37 makes it easier since you get Falador teleport)  Magic skill. Air Runes or an Air Staff and Law Runes.

From the middle of Falador go northward and go near the Wilderness wall. Find the Zamorak Temple and enter it. On the table on the left hand side there the Wine of Zamorak will spawn. You will need to use tele-grab to get it or else you will be attacked. These will respawn every 30 seconds.

The price of the wine of Zamorak is about 1500 gold and you can get about 120 of them in an hour. Meaning you can make about 200k an hour doing this and its a F2P money making method as well.

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