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Witch Doctor Solo MP10 Uber

So you are getting ready to solo Ubers with MP10 in 1.0.8? This guide will show you some info and tips on how to do this.

The skills you will want to use are these :

witch doctor solo mp10 uber
















Gargantuan – Bruiser for the 2 second stun, which is really useful.

Firebats – Plaguebats for the Poison Damage. This also works well with Bad Medicine which improves Poison Damage.

Summon Zombie Dogs – Lifelink is also very useful.

Soul Harvest – Vengeful Spirit

Spirit Walk – Honored Guest for the 15% mana regen.

Hex – Jinx for extra damage.

Passive Skills

Jungle Fortitude – For more damage reduction

Blood Ritual – For more mana

Bad Medicine – For the Plaguebats

Gear and Stats

Get the Zunimassa gear for Mana Regen.

Try to get 4000 armor.

Get over 700 resistance.

Get a Skorn. The best one you can, with either a red or green gem.

Soloing The Skeleton King and Maghda

First go the Realm of Discord.

What you want to do for this fight is this.

  • Position yourself in the northern part of the map and wait for the Skeleton King to Port on top you and attack him with Plaguebats.

  • When Maghda comes , run to the southern part and wait for the Skeleton King and attack him again.

  • Dodge Maghda’s spells that comes flying at you.

  • Do this until the Skeleton King is dead.

(Remember to resummon your Zombie Dogs)

  • Kill the trash when the Skeleton King is dead.

  • Continue to dodge spells. Move when you get low health or mana.

  • Kill the Adds when they spawn.

  • Attack Maghda when you can.

 Soloing Ghom and Rakanoth

Now it’s time to go to the Realm of Chaos.

This is pretty much the easiest of the Ubers.

For this fight you will want to kill Ghom first since he spews all the nasty stuff all around the room.

Try to move around to keep Rakanoth at a distance. Ghom will drop pretty fast though.

Keep your Zombie Dogs up.

When Ghom is dead move on to Rakanoth, he will be cake now. Just stay close to him so he can’t charge.

Soloing Zoltun Kulle and Siegebreaker

Lastly it’s the Realm of Turmoil.

Get your pets to tank Siegebreaker.

Use Hex on Zoltun Kulle to turn him into a pig.

Remember to resummon the dogs.

Kill Zoltun Kulle.

Move on to Siegebreaker but stay at a distance and don’t stand right in from of him.



  • Reply
    Jan 27, 2014

    This build killed it for even a noob (probably under leveled – paragon 15), first uber against Zoltun & Seigebreaker. Thank you, man.

  • Reply
    Feb 08, 2014

    Distance skills would work a bit better for the ppl with lower resistance and armor. Acid cloud-lob blob, gruesome-stun, dogs-life.

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