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MMORPG Tips was created in 2008 as Free Mmorpg Guides as an alternative to sites offering guides for real-life cash. Today it is one of the biggest sources of tips, tricks, and guides for MMOs.

Leveling Guides:

Need to level quickly to reach your higher-level friends? Or maybe you just want to find a new spot to grind out some levels with a change of scenery? MMORPG Tips will show you some of the best places to level whether it be in Azeroth, Norrath, or even the whole galaxy!

Gold / Platinum / Credits Guides:

No matter what currency you trade in, MMORPG Tips will help you become the richest man on your server. Learn to resell at the auction house for big profits. Gain knowledge on where to farm the most valuable ores, pelts, and items!

Class Guides:

Need to learn how to play your class better? Or maybe you are rolling a new character? MMORPG Tips has guides to improve your game no matter what class you play! Dominate with your Death Knight, take your Rangers’ DPS to a new level or just keep your friends alive with your Cleric.

For a list of our supported games, see our game list.

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