Beginner Orb Farming

How to Make Chaos and Divine Orbs after Finishing the Campaign in Path of Exile – Orb Farming for Beginners

Farming Chaos and Divine Orbs in “Path of Exile” (PoE) is essential for players transitioning into the end-game, especially for those who have recently completed the story and possess limited gear. These currencies are crucial for trading and enhancing your gear.

This guide does not focus on optimized mapping or making a lot of Divines per hour, but rather easy ways of making some fast Chaos and maybe some Divines for new players that are near the end of Act 10 of the campaign or have just started the end game.

Chaos Recipe

Collect a full set of rare (yellow) items, each occupying a different gear slot (helmet, chest, gloves, boots, two rings, amulet, belt, and either two one-handed weapons, one two-handed weapon, or a one-handed weapon and a shield).

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  • Level Requirement: Each item must be level 60 or higher. Items should be unidentified and levels 60-74.
  • Trading: Vendoring a full set to any NPC will grant you 1 Chaos Orb, and 2 Chaos Orbs if all the items are unidentified.

Blood Aquaducts Farming

This method involves farming the Blood Aqueducts in Act 9. It is a straightforward layout. A lot of players farm Blood Aquaducts at the end of the campaign anyway to gain a few extra levels.

  • Requirements: Level 60+ character and finishing Act 9 to access the area.
  • Run Time: The run should take about 3 minutes or less depending on your build speed.


When you are just starting out mapping, it is best to keep things simple. Don’t worry to much about juicing your maps or pushing higher-tier maps than you can handle.

Stick to a map Tier you can easily handle, and try to stick to maps with easy layouts.

The most important thing to remember when farming low-tier maps is to have a good Atlas Skill build. This will make clearing the maps much quicker and more efficient.

Good choices for Mechanics to focus on in the Atlas tree to begin with are Expeditions, Legion, Rituals, and Strongboxes.

Low-Delve Farming

poe orbs

Heading over to the Mine Encampment and the Azurite Mine is a good way to make some early orbs. Although going deeper into the mine is the most efficient way of making orbs, you can still make quite a lot on lower levels. Grinding at depth 1-60 will award you with plenty of items like Resonators and Fossils that you can sell. You can also spend your Azurite at Niko for more Resonators

Remember to spec your Atlas Tree for delving to ensure you can easily farm Voltaxic Sulphite.



Low-level delves are also a good way to earn orbs from Heists. Heists reward you with a lot of raw currency, including Chaos Orbs, but also other currencies that you can bulk trade for more Chaos orbs.

The best way to earn orbs by ignoring the contract and just opening as many chests as you can and getting out of there.


poe orbs beginners

Expeditions are a great way to earn orbs as well, even on lower levels. Spec your Atlas Tree for Expeditions and run low-tier maps. The main item you want are logbooks. Don’t sell the logbooks, but run them yourselves for plenty of valuable items. Haggle with Tujen for currency items including orbs, and try to craft some items with Rog (these can often be worth several divines if you get a good one).


Rituals are a quick and easy way to make orbs. In the late end-game, Rituals are not the best, but Rituals are an easy way of getting a few raw Divine Orbs.


Early end-game in PoE is about building up your currency stash to gear up for higher-tier content. Chaos Orbs are more common and should be your primary focus initially, while Divine Orbs are rarer and more situational. Remember, patience and consistency are key in accumulating wealth in PoE. Happy farming!

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