Diablo Immortal Wizard Build

Wizard PVE Build for Season 14 in Diablo Immortal

Venture into the world of Diablo Immortal as a Wizard, harnessing the devastating might of the elements. This guide is designed to teach you how to create a formidable and resilient Wizard capable of dealing colossal damage and enduring the most grueling of battles.


Focus on Intelligence and Fortitude. Intelligence boosts your magical damage output, making each spell more devastating.

Meanwhile, Fortitude enhances your durability, allowing you to withstand enemy attacks.

Invest in Vitality for additional survivability if needed.


  • Magic Missile
  • Lightning Nova
  • Teleport
  • Disintegrate
  • Arcane Torrent

Feel free to alternate in other abilities based on your playstyle and preference.


Focus first on Treasure Hunter, maxed out at 100.

After that, work on maximizing all damage nodes in each Paragon tree. Follow this sequence:

  • Damage
  • Life
  • Armor Penetration
  • Potency
  • Armor
  • Resistance


  • Head: Crushing Weight
  • Chest: Ellora’s Fervor
  • Shoulders: Arcane Intensifiers
  • Legs: Novel Castigation
  • Weapons: Rift Carver & Blaster Cast

These gear choices enhance the Teleport, Disintegrate, and Lightning Nova abilities, resulting in a highly damaging and evasive Wizard.

For your set items, aim for a combination of 4x Gloomguide’s Prize pieces and 2x Banquet of Eyes pieces. This combo enhances the Teleport ability’s damage, increases critical hit chance, and amplifies the damage dealt to enemies suffering from your continuous damage.

This build is versatile and potent, ideal for both single target and AoE combat. It particularly shines in open world farming, where the enhanced Teleport ability combined with your legendary gear lets you obliterate enemies swiftly.

With this guide, you’re set to dominate the battlefield as a master Wizard, adept in both offense and survivability. Prepare yourself to face the challenges Diablo Immortal Season 14 presents.

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