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Going Solo: The Best Solo Class / Job in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV boasts an impressive array of jobs, each bringing its own unique skills and traits to the table. For those who prefer to tread their path alone, choosing the right class for solo play is paramount. Let’s delve into a detailed look at six of these jobs — from Summoner to Warrior — ranked from least to most recommended for solo play, considering their pros and cons.

6. Summoner

Summoners, evolution of the Arcanist class, can summon Egi minions to aid in combat.

FFXIV Summoner Solo


  • Various Egi minions provide different combat styles.
  • Capable of dealing high damage over time with DoT spells.
  • Ability to resurrect can prove lifesaving in solo situations.


  • Managing pets and their abilities can be complex.
  • Relatively low survivability when compared to other classes.
  • Certain pets can draw unnecessary attention in dangerous areas.

5. Sage

The Sage, a healer job introduced in the Endwalker expansion, commands unique technology and magic.

FFIXV Sage Solo


  • Strong healing capabilities, ensuring sustainability in solo fights.
  • Barriers provide additional protection against incoming damage.
  • Has offensive capabilities, allowing a balanced mix of attack and defense.


  • Damage output is significantly lower compared to DPS classes.
  • Micromanaging shields and healing can be challenging during intense fights.
  • Healers generally have slower kill times.

4. Gunbreaker

FFXIV Gunbreaker Solo

Gunbreakers wield gunblades as their weapon of choice and serve as tanks in battles.


  • High survivability with substantial HP pool and damage mitigation.
  • Solid damage output for a tank job.
  • Healing abilities provide sustainability in prolonged fights.


  • The complex rotation of abilities might be daunting for newcomers.
  • Slower kill times compared to DPS jobs.
  • Some defensive abilities require careful timing to use effectively.

3. Red Mage

Red Mages offer a unique blend of melee attacks with both white and black magic.

FFXIV Red Mage Solo


  • Versatile combat style allows adaptability.
  • Healing and resurrection abilities provide sustainability and recovery.
  • Capable of dealing significant burst damage.


  • Lower sustained DPS compared to pure DPS jobs.
  • Mana management can be challenging to master.
  • Limited defensive capabilities.

2. Paladin

Paladins stand as one of the most resilient classes in FFXIV, making them a preferred choice for solo play.

paladin solo ffxiv


  • High survivability due to strong defensive abilities.
  • Self-healing capabilities provide sustainability.
  • Damage mitigation with shield usage.


  • Lower DPS compared to other jobs.
  • Some abilities require careful timing to be used effectively.
  • Managing the balance between damage output and defense can be challenging.

1. Warrior

Warriors stand at the frontline, combining high HP, significant damage output, and healing abilities.

FFXIV Warrior


  • Strong sustainability through self-healing abilities.
  • High damage output for a tank class.
  • Versatile skill set allowing for adaptability in different combat situations.


  • Complex ability rotation can be daunting for new players.
  • Slower kill times compared to DPS jobs.
  • Some abilities require specific timing to maximize effectiveness.

In conclusion, while Warriors seem to be the most optimal class for solo play in FFXIV due to their versatility and survivability, the best class will ultimately depend on individual playstyle. From the pet-oriented Summoner to the resilient Warrior, there’s a class for every lone wolf in the vast world of Eorzea.

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