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The Best Soloing Classes in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Navigating Azeroth and the Dragon Isles solo can be challenging, but picking the right class can make a world of difference. Thankfully all the classes can solo most content just fine.

Here’s an in-depth look at seven classes, along with the best spec for soloing, and their respective pros and cons.

7. Death Knight – Unholy or Blood

Death Knight

Death Knights, especially in the Unholy spec, are powerful soloers. They combine high damage with good survivability, making them ideal for solo gameplay.


  • Powerful Minions: Death Knights can summon a ghoul minion to assist them in combat.
  • Good Survivability: Death Knights have abilities that allow them to heal a portion of the damage they deal.
  • High Damage Output: Unholy Death Knights can deal substantial damage, especially over longer battles.


  • Limited Mobility: Death Knights do not have many mobility-enhancing abilities.
  • Complex Rune System: Managing the Death Knight’s unique rune system can be tricky for beginners.

6. Monk – Brewmaster

Monk SOlo class

Monks are unique and versatile classes, and the Brewmaster spec is perfect for soloing thanks to its strong defensive abilities and self-healing.


  • High Survivability: Brewmaster Monks have potent defensive abilities and self-healing.
  • Mobility: Monks have abilities that allow them to move quickly around the battlefield.
  • Stagger Mechanic: This unique mechanic allows Monks to spread out incoming damage over time, enhancing their survivability.


  • Reliant on Stagger: Mismanaging the Stagger mechanic can lead to quick death.
  • Complex Rotation: Monks can have a complex ability rotation, which might be challenging for new players.

5. Warlock – Affliction

Warlock Solo Class

Warlocks, with the Affliction spec, shine in solo play thanks to their DoT abilities and their array of minions.


  • Powerful Damage over Time: Affliction Warlocks excel at dealing sustained damage over time.
  • Pet Assistance: Their minions can tank, deal damage, or provide utility, offering great versatility.
  • Self-Sustain: With abilities that drain life from enemies, Warlocks have high survivability.


  • Limited Mobility: Warlocks are not as mobile as some other classes.
  • Complex Minion Management: Managing the different minions and their abilities can be challenging.

4. Druid – Guardian

Guardian druid solo class

Druids are versatile hybrid classes. Their Guardian spec focuses on resilience and survivability, making it a perfect choice for solo play.


  • Versatility: Druids can tank, heal, or deal damage, adjusting their playstyle as needed.
  • Great Survivability: Guardian Druids have high health pools and powerful damage mitigation abilities.
  • Unique Mobility Options: With their Travel Form, Druids can move quickly across different environments.


  • Complexity: The need to manage different forms and their associated abilities can be complex.
  • Gear Dependency: Druids can be heavily reliant on gear to perform effectively in their roles.

3. Demon Hunter – Havoc or Vengeance

wow solo class demon hunter

Demon Hunters are agile and fast damage-dealers. The Havoc spec allows them to zip through the battlefield, dealing high damage and evading attacks, while Vengeance has higher survivability.


  • Excellent Mobility: With abilities like Double Jump and Glide, Demon Hunters are one of the most mobile classes in the game.
  • Self-Healing: Soul Fragments generated by Havoc Demon Hunters can be used for self-healing.
  • High Burst Damage: Havoc Demon Hunters excel in dealing high burst damage.


  • Complex Mechanics: Understanding the Demon Hunter’s abilities and their synergies can be challenging for beginners.
  • Reliance on Cooldowns: Many of their powerful abilities are cooldown-based, requiring careful management.

2. Hunter – Beast Mastery

WoW solo class hunter

Hunters, with their Beast Mastery spec, are excellent soloers. Their ability to tame a variety of pets to tank or deal damage offers a significant advantage when soloing.


  • Pet Tanking: Hunters can have their pets tank, taking the damage while they deal damage from afar.
  • Good Mobility: Hunters are known for their kiting abilities and overall excellent mobility.
  • Self-Sufficient: With abilities to heal their pets, Hunters can be largely self-sufficient.


  • Pet Management: Managing pets can be complex and requires an understanding of their abilities.
  • Limited Survivability: Without their pets, Hunters can be vulnerable.

1. Paladin – Retribution or Protection

Paladin Solo Class 2

As a versatile class capable of healing, dealing damage, and tanking, Paladins excel at solo play. Their Retribution specialization focuses on dealing substantial damage while maintaining a high level of survivability.


  • Self-Sustain: Paladins have numerous healing abilities that can keep them alive in the most grueling battles.
  • Strong Defensive Abilities: With abilities like Divine Shield, Paladins can withstand a significant amount of damage.
  • Good Single Target Damage: Retribution Paladins can dish out high damage on individual targets, making them strong solo contenders.


  • Limited Mobility: Compared to other classes, Paladins can lack in mobility.
  • Mana Dependency: Their healing and defensive abilities rely heavily on mana, which can run out quickly in intense battles.

Remember, the best solo class in World of Warcraft will depend on your personal playstyle and preferences. This guide should serve as a starting point to help you choose the class that best suits you.

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