Lost ark Leveling Guide

Lost Ark Leveling Guide: 1 to 50 and Beyond

Embarking on your Lost Ark journey may seem overwhelming at first, but worry not; we have compiled an extensive and comprehensive leveling guide to streamline your experience from level 1 to 50 and beyond. With a focus on maximizing efficiency and providing a more engaging experience, our guide covers optimal paths, helpful tips, and crucial milestones.

Leveling Tips

Skip the Prologue

After choosing a class, you can skip the prologue and jump straight to level 10. However, you won’t receive an additional reward (an accessory) by doing so. You can obtain the accessory by creating a new character, completing the prologue, and transferring the accessory to a character of the same class and gender.

Manage Channels:

Switch between channels to avoid competition for monster kills or resource gathering. Choose less crowded channels, and try to group monsters before attacking them. Tagging monsters killed by other players contributes to your quest objectives, allowing you to complete them faster.

Healing Potions:

During leveling, refrain from using HP Potions that heal a percentage of your life instantly. These potions are valuable in endgame raids. Instead, use Apprentice Healing Potions, which heal a set amount over time and are easily obtained while leveling.

Song of Escape and Fast Travel:

Utilize the Song of Escape and fast travel options like Triports to move quickly between locations. Teleport to the Triport closest to your next main quest after completing a dungeon. From Tortyok onwards, use the Song of Escape after completing a dungeon if the main quest continues outside it. Make sure to mount up for long-distance traveling when Triports are not accessible.

Equip Accessories:

Starting from level 18, accessories become a significant source of damage. Equip them as soon as you get your first ones, prioritizing Crit and Specialization stats.

Combat Items:

Use combat items provided during leveling to aid your progression. Don’t hesitate to use Offensive Combat Items on tough opponents. Use Swiftness Robes before obtaining your first mount and inside dungeons for long-distance traveling. Flame Grenade, Flash Grenade, Clay Grenade, Electric Grenade, and Frost Grenade can be used to assist in defeating the final boss of a dungeon or any monster with high hitpoints.

Dismantle Gear:

Regularly dismantle accumulated equipment in your inventory to avoid overfilling your backpack. This process will also provide you with materials for crafting and upgrading gear.

Life Skills:

In Lakebar (West Luterra), you’ll be introduced to Life Skills. While essential in the late game, they don’t play a significant role during leveling. Focus on Logging and Mining early on for materials to progress your Ships and Stronghold. Later, concentrate on Excavating, Foraging, Hunting, and Fishing for items related to gearing and raiding.


Powerpass allows you to skip the entire grinding process and jump straight to level 50. You can obtain two Powerpasses for free. Complete the main story quests with one character to get your first Powerpass. The second Powerpass is granted once you use up the first one.

Solo Play:

Playing solo, especially in dungeons, is more efficient than playing in groups. Enemy health scales according to the number of party members, making dungeons more challenging and time-consuming. Many players have reported leveling up faster solo than in groups.

Fast Travel:

Make sure to unlock all fast travel points while exploring the world of Lost Ark. Fast travel points include Triports, Outposts, and Windrifts. These points allow you to quickly move between locations, which saves a lot of time during the leveling process.

sure to unlock all fast travel points while exploring the world of Lost Ark. Fast travel points include Triports, Outposts, and Windrifts. These points allow you to quickly move between locations, which saves a lot of time during the leveling process.

During sea travel, press the Spacebar frequently to accelerate. Picking up barrels along the way can also restore the acceleration gauge, allowing you to maintain a faster pace.

Dungeon Gear:

While leveling, you’ll acquire gear from dungeons. Prioritize equipping gear with higher item level, as this increases your overall damage output and survivability. Make sure to equip new gear right away, as it can significantly boost your performance in combat.

Upgrade your Skills and Abilities:

As you progress through the game and gain experience, you’ll unlock skill points. These skill points can be used to upgrade your character’s abilities, making them more powerful and efficient in combat. Be sure to allocate your skill points wisely to maximize your character’s potential.

Use the Auction House:

The Auction House is a great place to purchase better gear and items to aid you in your leveling journey. You can buy better weapons, armor, and accessories that can help you progress more quickly. You can also sell items that you no longer need to make some extra currency.

Complete Regional Quests:

Regional quests (purple icon) are another source of experience points, and they also offer valuable rewards such as gear, materials, and currency. While not as crucial as main quests, completing regional quests can help you progress through the game more efficiently.

Ship Progression:

During the main story, you’ll gain access to your ship. Ship progression plays a crucial role in Lost Ark, as it allows you to explore the world and discover new areas. Invest in upgrading your ship to make your leveling journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Early Levels (1-35): Main Story Quests

Lost Ark Leveling

Kick-start your adventure by concentrating on the main story quests. These quests, marked by orange icons, will take you through the first continent, which consists of four locations: Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra. Completing these quests will not only introduce you to the game mechanics but also provide experience points (XP) to level up quickly.

In the first location, Rethramis, you can acquire your first pet after completing the Prideholme protection quest. This pet will automatically collect loot scattered around, which will be very useful as you progress. While leveling, you won’t be able to assemble a full-fledged skill build due to limited skill points. Focus on a few skills with short cooldowns, including AoE and single-target damage abilities for optimal combat efficiency. In addition, make use of combat items that cause damage, such as Flame Grenades and Frost Grenades, to defeat dungeon bosses quickly. Items that increase movement speed in dungeons will also come in handy.

Throughout your journey, try to switch between channels in the game. In cases where you need to defeat multiple monsters, choose less crowded channels to avoid competition. It’s also a good idea to group monsters together before attacking, which can save time and resources. When it comes to dungeons, it’s best to complete them solo in normal mode. This approach will save time compared to searching for a group or increasing the difficulty. Moreover, the items obtained in dungeons will be replaced in a few levels, so their rarity is not of great importance.

Sailing Unlocked (Level 35): A New Questing Experience

Lost Ark Sailing Leveling

Once you unlock Sailing, your focus should shift from orange quests to blue quests that require you to explore the world. The game suggests the following path: Tortoyk -> Anikka -> Arthetine. However, you can choose an alternative, albeit more challenging, route: Arthetine -> Anikka -> Tortoyk. This approach offers a more engaging experience as you progress through the game.

Tortoyk is a remote island with a small, beautiful wildwood and is home to the Mokokos, a race of tiny, optimistic beings. This island also houses a Rock Giant said to have created the island. Although there are many secondary and hidden tasks on Tortoyk, it’s best to focus on the main objective: obtaining the Ark and moving to the next continent, Anikka.

Anikka is a country surrounded by forests and valleys, where each family values martial arts discipline and competes for the esteemed position of Grandmaster. As you complete the main quest chain in Anikka, your character will participate in a martial arts tournament that serves as a prologue to future PVP arenas between players.

Once you’ve finished the main quest chain in Anikka, sail to Arthetine. This barren desert country is home to the technocratic Cykins, who aren’t afraid to augment their body parts or invent strange machines for the sake of evolution. There are two possible outcomes after completing the main story quests in Arthetine: either you’ll reach level 50, or you’ll be close at level 49. The difference depends on whether you completed any secondary (yellow) quests during your time in Arthetine. Regardless of your level, your next destination is the central continent of North Vern, where you’ll complete another prologue to gain any missing XP and reach level 50.

Arthetine. Regardless of your level, your next destination is the central continent of North Vern, where you’ll complete another prologue to gain any missing XP and reach level 50.

Level 50 and Beyond: Endgame Content

Lost Ark Leveling 1

Congratulations on reaching level 50! Now it’s time to dive into the endgame content of Lost Ark. Start by completing purple quests associated with Chaos Dungeons, Una’s Quest, and Raids to acquire your first Tier 1 equipment and begin upgrading it. Engaging in these activities will help you gear up your character and prepare for even more challenging content.

The entire leveling process from level 1 to 50, as described in this guide, should take approximately 9-11 hours. This is significantly faster than completing every quest and activity along the way.

In conclusion, our comprehensive Lost Ark leveling guide aims to help you navigate the game with ease and efficiency. By following the optimal paths, leveraging valuable tips, and focusing on key milestones, you’ll be well-equipped to reach level 50 and beyond while enjoying a more engaging and immersive gaming experience. Happy leveling!

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