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Broken Ranks Leveling Guide 1-70+

In Broken Ranks, the primary method for advancing through levels is grinding. Players typically spend their time completing questlines, engaging in various activities, battling monsters, and participating in dungeon runs.

To help you level up swiftly and effectively accumulate EXP, consider these locations:

Levels 1-10:

Initially, players should focus on completing story quests and gaining additional EXP by carrying out Simon’s Task. Simon can be found at Trentis’ left exit, where he will ask you to eliminate a few dogs.

Starting at level 5, switch to Zed’s Task, which is located at the NPC above the first pet merchant in the center of Trentis. You can reach level 10 by finishing this task and defeating Zeds during task cooldowns.

Levels 10-18:

At level 10, head to the Lumberjack Forest and undertake the Lumberjack Task. While waiting for this task to refresh, you can eliminate the Swindler Champion and Wild Boars for optimal EXP. Alternatively, between levels 14-17, players can visit the castle to battle skeletons.

Levels 18-22:

At level 18, accept the Ogre Task in the Swamp and defeat the Ogres. If you’re not part of a group, it’s advised to steer clear of Ogre trios.

Levels 22-30:

For the subsequent eight levels, take on Mandus’ Task on the shore above the shipwreck. Pair this task with Ichtion Farm Runs for an impressive EXP boost, and potentially obtain some Synergy and Rare Drops from Ichtion.

Level 28+:

As an additional suggestion, starting at level 28, it’s worthwhile to regularly take on the Bandit Task found in the Ruins Tower area.

Levels 30-40:

From level 30, players should battle Orks in the Kolden Forest and Grizzly Bears for approximately ten levels. Both provide substantial EXP, and players are near three events they can frequently participate in for additional EXP: Kold, Ork, and Sana events.

Level 40+:

Starting at level 40, players can head to the Orc Camp for the best experience gains. It’s advised not to venture there solo, as larger groups can be challenging.

Players can also defeat the three champions that spawn there and obtain some set items. Leveling in this area can continue until around level 65-70, but a superior location is available from around level 55.

Level 55+:

At this point, players can choose to battle Harpies and Gorgons, which yield even more experience than Orcs at the Orc Camp.

Level 70+:

From level 70 onward, it’s recommended to farm Ivravul beneath the Garrison, the final boss of the solo dungeon in that area.

This guide will receive ongoing updates. In general, players should prioritize new quests whenever available, as they consistently offer valuable experience. Apart from that, players can farm at the suggested locations outlined above.