2H Mace Build Albion

The Best 2H Heavy Mace Build for Albion Online in – CC & Debuff PvP Build

This powerful build offers a unique blend of crowd control effects, damage mitigation, and area-of-effect abilities, making it a formidable choice for players looking to excel in group battles.


  1. Coordinate with your group to maximize the effectiveness of your crowd control and debuffs.
  2. Use the Resistance Potion when entering a fight or when focused by the enemy team to reduce incoming damage.
  3. Position yourself in the middle of the enemy group to maximize the impact of your AOE abilities.
  4. Time your Retaliate and Force Shield abilities to absorb and reflect as much damage as possible.
  5. Be prepared to adapt your rotation based on the situation, as some fights may require you to prioritize certain abilities over others.


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  • Weapon: Heavy Mace
  • Helmet: Hunter Hood
  • Armor: Judicator Armor
  • Boots: Cultist Sandals
  • Cape: Bridgewatch Cape
  • Consumables: Resistance Potion & Omelette

Weapon Abilities:

  • Q: Sacred Ground
  • W: Snare Charge
  • Passive: Life Leech

Helmet Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Retaliate
  • Passive: Balanced Mind

Armor Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Force Shield
  • Passive: Authority & Spirit Crush

Boot Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Rotten Ground
  • Passive: Aggression


  1. Jump into the action using Snare Charge to slow and damage enemies.
  2. Cast Sacred Ground to silence and damage enemies in the area.
  3. Use Battle Howl to silence enemies again and debuff them.
  4. Buff yourself with Retaliate to reflect damage back to attackers.
  5. Cast Rotten Ground to slow and damage enemies in the area.
  6. Cast Force Shield to protect yourself and nearby allies with a damage-absorbing shield.

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