Bless Unleashed Class Guide

Bless Unleashed: A Comprehensive Class Guide

In Bless Unleashed, each class comes with unique abilities and playing styles. They all have a role to play in this vibrant MMO world. Let’s delve into a brief overview of each class and discuss which class might be best for solo play:


Berserkers are heavy-hitting fighters who excel at close-quarters combat. They wield a greatsword and utilize strength to overpower their enemies. Despite their slow attack speed, their hits pack a punch, and their abilities often focus on dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.

Best for: Players who enjoy being in the heart of the battle, dealing significant damage, and don’t mind a slower attack speed.


Crusaders are the classic sword and shield warriors. They balance offense and defense, offering a sturdy presence on the battlefield. Their skills allow them to both mitigate damage and deal it effectively, making them excellent front-liners.

Best for: Players who enjoy a balanced playstyle, fulfilling the role of a damage-dealer and a protector.


Rangers are nimble, long-range combatants. They wield a longbow and specialize in dealing high damage from afar. They are excellent at kiting enemies and maintaining distance, and their skills often focus on crowd control and high damage.

Best for: Players who prefer ranged combat, crowd control, and high DPS.


Mages wield staffs and use elemental magic to destroy their enemies. They have an extensive arsenal of spells, enabling them to handle various situations. They are glass cannons – they can deal high damage but can be fragile if caught by enemies.

Best for: Players who enjoy magic, ranged attacks, area damage, and don’t mind a lower defense.


Priests are the game’s primary healers. They utilize divine magic to heal allies, cast shields, and can also dish out significant magic damage. Their abilities focus on support, keeping their team alive and well in the heat of the battle.

Best for: Players who enjoy a supportive role, healing, and casting defensive buffs.

Best Solo Class

When it comes to solo play, survivability and damage output are paramount. The Mage, Ranger, and Crusader shine in these regards.

Ranger: The ability to deal damage from afar and kite enemies around provides a significant advantage in solo play. The high DPS and crowd control skills can dispatch enemies quickly before they can get close.

Crusader: The balance of offense and defense allows Crusaders to withstand multiple enemies, and their ability to both deal and mitigate damage is beneficial when you have no one else to rely on.

Mage: Although Mages have lower defense, their high damage output makes them a viable choice for solo play. Their wide array of spells allows for great versatility and adaptability to different situations. Using their crowd control spells wisely, Mages can handle multiple enemies at once from a distance, which can be crucial when playing solo.

Again, remember that the “best” class will always be subjective and largely depends on your preferred playstyle. Experiment with each class, find what suits your style, and above all, enjoy the game.

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