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Necromancer Guide for AQ3D: How to Get and Play the Necromancer Class

Necromancers are dark wizards that can use dark magic and summon the dead. The Necromancer class is a very powerful class in AQ3D. Necromancers bring a unique style of play to the game. With an array of dark spells and abilities, players can master this class with ease.

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In this guide, we will show you how to get the Necromancer class and give you some tips on how to play it effectively. Let’s get started!

Unlocking the Necromancer Class

To get the Necromancer class, click the Class Menu and Unlock then Travel to go to Doomwood Forest. Go and talk to Stygis down by the water.

Accept the Necromancer Training daily quest and complete it to earn Necromancer Tokens. Once you have enough, you can unlock the class.

Playing the Necromancer

Once you have the Necromancer class unlocked, you can start playing! The Necromancer has a unique set of spells and abilities.

The Necromancer relies on DOTs along with summoning the undead to aim them. They can also self-heal with the Soul Siphon ability.

Stat Priority

  • Attack
  • Crit
  • Haste

Skills and Rotation

  • Soul Siphon – Damage and Heal
  • Dark Decay – Damage over Time
  • Summon Undead – Summons Undead Minions
  • Grand Summon (Ultimate) – Summons a Powerful Undead Creature
  • Bone Prison (Cross Skill) – Root

Start off using Summon Undead, then Soul Siphon and Dark Decay. Use Grand Summon when available.

We hope that this Necromancer guide for AQ3D has been useful and will help you get the most out of your Necromancer experience. Good luck with your adventures!

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