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AdventureQuest 3D Gold Guide – How To Make Millions of Gold in AQ3D

In this AQ3D Gold Guide, we will show you how to make millions of gold in AdventureQuest 3D. This is a comprehensive guide that covers all the different ways that you can make gold in the game. Whether you are a new player just starting out, or an experienced veteran, we have something for everyone! So if you’re looking to become a millionaire in AQ3D, read on!

Before starting to focus on making gold, you should always try to level up as much as you can as it will be a lot easier to make gold. See our AQ3D Leveling Guide for tips on how to level quickly.

Gold Boost

A Gold Boost is available for 100 Dragon Crystals in the Potion Shop and will boost your gold from killing monsters by 50%.

AQ3D Gold Boost

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a great easy source of gold. The Daily Boss Battle quest is a great source of gold as well as all other daily quests.

AQ3D Gold Daily Quest

Daily Tasks

Also, be sure to do your Daily Tasks as the final reward for completing 8 tasks will reward you with a ton of gold.

AQ3D Gold Daily Task


Be sure to check the latest AQ3D news for any events that are currently going on. Events are very frequent in the game, like events for Christmas, Halloween, and so on. During these events, you can usually get Gold rewards for killing mobs in the event areas.

Yokai Island Dungeon Farm

For this method head over to Yokai Island in the Mysterious Islands. Head over to Shadow of the Wind Village, and talk to Yuki Jin on the docks to go to the Sunken Pirate Ship. Enter The Vengeance (Challenge) in a Private Unscaled Instance. Look for a golden key somewhere in the instance. Pick it up and go kill the boss and the treasure chest that spawns after the boss. Loot the Golden Doubloon and Fool’s Gold. Head outside and talk to No Eyed Willy and turn in the Golden Doubloon for gold and XP.


Other popular dungeons that people run for XP are generally also good for farming gold, especially with a gold boost on. Run Whitaker Forest inside Heartwood Forest or any other leveling dungeon to get gold and XP.

That was it for our AdventureQuest 3D Gold Guide. We hope you found it useful and that it helped you make millions of gold in AQ3D! Good luck out there, AQ3D adventurers!

Let us know in the comments which gold farming spot is your favorite!