Albion 2H Spear Build

The Best 2H Spear Build for Albion Online – Faction Point Farming Build

This budget build is designed for solo PvE content, focusing on AoE and ranged damage. It’s perfect for farming large numbers of mobs quickly and efficiently.


  1. Position yourself properly to maximize the impact of your AoE abilities, hitting as many mobs as possible.
  2. Keep an eye on your energy levels and use Energy Shield when necessary to ensure you can continue casting your abilities.
  3. Use Refreshing Sprint to quickly escape dangerous situations or to close the gap between you and mobs.
  4. Experiment with alternative equipment options to tailor the build to your preferred playstyle or to adapt to different PvE content.


If you need Silver for better gear, see our Silver Farming Guide.

  • Weapon: Spirithunter
  • Helmet: Scholar Cowl
  • Armor: Druid Robe
  • Boots: Assassin Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Consumables: Healing Potion & Beef Stew

Weapon Abilities:

  • Q: Lunging Strike
  • W: Forest of Spears
  • Passive: Aggressive Rush

Helmet Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Energy Shield
  • Passive: Aggression

Armor Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Obsessive Burst
  • Passive: Aggression

Boot Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Refreshing Sprint
  • Passive: Balanced Mind


  1. Activate Obsessive Burst for increased damage.
  2. Use Corrupting Steel to pull mobs.
  3. Deal AoE damage with Lunging Strike and Forest of Spears.
  4. Use Energy Shield to increase your armor and regain energy.
  5. Utilize Refreshing Sprint for movement and mobility.

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