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The Best Greataxe Build for Albion Online – PvP & Corrupted Dungeon Build

The Greataxe Berserker build is designed for PvP and Corrupted Dungeons, focusing on group play where a healer is present.

This build has slightly lower survivability but excels in dealing high damage, making it ideal for coordinated teams.

The Greataxe is the primary weapon in this build, which synergizes well with the selected abilities and equipment.


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  • Weapon: Greataxe
  • Helmet: Mercenary Hood
  • Armor: Soldier Armor
  • Boots: Royal Sandals
  • Cape: Lymhurst Cape
  • Consumables: Resistance Potion and Beef Stew

Weapon Abilities:

  1. Q: Rending Spin
  2. W: Adrenaline Rush, Internal Bleeding, or Raging Blades
  3. Passive: Deep Cuts

Helmet Abilities:

  1. Item Spell: Cleanse
  2. Passive: Balanced Mind

Armor Abilities:

  1. Item Spell: Fury
  2. Passive: Toughness

Boot Abilities:

  1. Item Spell: Defenseless Rush
  2. Passive: Aggression

Ability Rotation:

  1. Buff yourself with F (Fury) and W (Adrenaline Rush, Internal Bleeding, or Raging Blades).
  2. Use Q (Rending Spin) to attack enemies.
  3. Use your other skills as needed.

Tips for playing the Greataxe Berserker:

  1. Communicate with your team and ensure that your healer is prepared to support you as you engage in fights.
  2. Keep an eye on your buffs and make sure to reapply them when necessary for maximum damage output.
  3. Utilize Cleanse from the Mercenary Hood to remove crowd control effects and stay mobile in combat.
  4. Make use of the Resistance Potion to mitigate incoming damage, especially when diving into the enemy backline.

With a focus on high damage output and the support of a dedicated healer, the Greataxe Berserker is a formidable build in PvP and Corrupted Dungeons. Practice and master your ability rotations, and coordinate with your team for the best results.

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