Albion Online Battleaxe Build

The Best Battleaxe Build for Albion Online – PvE & PvP Solo Build

This one-handed Battleaxe build is perfect for solo play in Albion Online, offering a balance of high damage, regeneration, and utility for both PvE and PvP encounters.

With a focus on sustaining through combat, this build leverages the powerful synergy between the Battleaxe and Mercenary Jacket, as well as other complementary items and abilities.


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Weapon: Battleaxe

The Battleaxe takes center stage in this build. The primary weapon in the arsenal, the Battleaxe brings the perfect mix of damage and healing, making it an excellent choice for solo play. It can be a real game-changer when you’re alone in the battlefield and need to deal damage while also maintaining your health.

Off-Hand: Muisak

The Muisak is a compelling choice for the off-hand item due to its ability to increase the damage you deal with your abilities. A better damage output can shorten fights and potentially save you from critical situations.

Helmet: Hunter’s Hood

The Hunter’s Hood provides the Retaliate spell, a powerful tool for reflecting damage back onto your foes. The Balanced Mind passive further enhances your damage and healing power, making the Hunter’s Hood an excellent pick for this build.

Armor: Mercenary Jacket

Key to this build’s sustainability is the Mercenary Jacket. With its Bloodlust spell, you can regain health based on the damage you deal, enhancing your survivability in the heat of battle. The Balanced Mind passive further enhances the effectiveness of this ability, ensuring you can stay in the fight for longer.

Boots: Soldier Boots

The Soldier Boots provide Rejuvenating Sprint, a potent tool for maneuverability and regeneration. They can offer crucial support when you’re kiting enemies or repositioning during combat, and the Toughness passive only makes them more effective.

Cape: Undead Cape

The Undead Cape can serve as your last resort. It provides you with a temporary invisibility cloak when you’re under heavy attack, offering an essential opportunity to escape or reposition.

Consumables: Healing Potion and Roasted Clearhaze Snapper

The Healing Potion and Roasted Clearhaze Snapper further enhance your sustainability. These consumables provide you with additional health regeneration and cooldown reduction, further enhancing your build’s survivability and effectiveness in both PvE and PvP scenarios.


Weapon Abilities:

Q: Rending Strike – This ability inflicts a bleeding effect on your target, dealing damage over time.

W: Deadly Chop – This powerful attack deals direct damage to the enemy and decreases damage resistance

Passive: Life Leech – A passive skill that heals you for a percentage of the damage you deal.

Helmet Abilities

Item Spell: Retaliate – Activating this spell allows you to reflect incoming damage back to the attacker, providing additional damage output and defense.

Passive: Balanced Mind – This passive increases both your damage and healing power.

Armor Abilities

Item Spell: Bloodlust – This spell enables you to heal for a percentage of the damage you deal to enemies.

Passive: Balanced Mind – Similar to the helmet, this passive ability enhances your overall damage and healing potency.

Boot Abilities

Item Spell: Rejuvenating Sprint – This sprint ability increases your movement speed and heals you over its duration.

Passive: Toughness – This passive decreases incoming damage.

Combat Rotation

  • Begin by using Rending Strike and Deadly Chop to apply Rending Bleed stacks on the target. Aim for a total of three stacks for the maximum effect.
  • Use Blood Bandit twice.
  • When your health starts getting low, or when you require extra healing during a fierce encounter, activate the Bloodlust spell. This will allow you to regain health based on the damage you deal, keeping you in the fight for longer.
  • The Hunter’s Hood’s Retaliate spell can be used to reflect incoming damage back to the attacker. This spell provides additional damage output and defense, making it an effective tool for both offense and defense.
  • Utilize the Rejuvenating Sprint from the Soldier Boots for mobility and to regenerate health over time. This ability is particularly useful when kiting enemies or repositioning during combat.
  • Finally, the Undead Cape serves as your emergency exit or reset button. When under heavy focus, this item will make you invisible, providing a crucial window to escape or re-engage on your terms.
  • Always remember to consume your Healing Potion and Roasted Clearhaze Snapper for additional health regeneration and cooldown reduction. This further enhances your build’s survivability and effectiveness in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

The Battleaxe build, while perfect for solo play, is more than just a collection of items and abilities. It’s a playstyle, a strategic approach to the game that allows you to overcome a myriad of challenges in Albion Online.

It isn’t about dealing the most damage or having the most health; it’s about striking a balance. It’s about understanding the timing of your abilities and how they synergize with each other. It’s about knowing when to attack, when to defend, and when to make a tactical retreat.

Mastering this build will require practice and patience. Understanding the intricacies of your abilities, and how best to use them in varying situations, will be the key to your success. But once you’ve mastered this build, you’ll be a formidable force, able to take on anything the world of Albion throws at you.

As you journey through the dangerous lands of Albion Online, remember this guide as a resource to refer back to. Practice the tactics, understand your abilities, and watch as your prowess on the battlefield grows. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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