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The Best Sword Build for Albion Online – High Burst 1v1 PvP Build

This build focuses on dealing significant burst damage, utilizing the Dual Swords to quickly eliminate opponents in 1v1 PvP scenarios and open world engagements. The combination of Mage Cowl, Mage Robe, and Cultist Sandals provide a blend of damage, utility, and mobility to keep the player dangerous and elusive.


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  • Weapon: Dual Swords
  • Helmet: Mage Cowl
  • Armor: Mage Robe
  • Boots: Cultist Sandals
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Consumables: Poison Potion and Redspring Eel Stew

Weapon Abilities:

  • Q: Heroic Strike
  • W: Blade Cyclone
  • Passive: Deep Cuts

Helmet Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Poison
  • Passive: Aggression

Armor Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Purging Shield
  • Passive: Aggression

Boot Abilities:

  • Item Spell: Rotten Ground
  • Passive: Aggression


  1. Initiate combat with a Poison Potion, applying damage over time and reducing the enemy’s resistances.
  2. Activate Mage Cowl’s Poison ability to apply additional damage over time and further reduce the enemy’s resistances.
  3. Approach the enemy and use Heroic Strike (Q) to build up Heroic Charges for increased damage and movement speed.
  4. As you reach 3 Heroic Charges, activate Blade Cyclone (W) to deal AoE damage around you and generate a shield based on the damage dealt.
  5. Continue using Heroic Strike (Q) to maintain Heroic Charges and increase your damage output.
  6. If the enemy tries to use a powerful ability or buff, use Purging Shield (Mage Robe) to remove their buffs and mitigate damage.
  7. Use Rotten Ground (Cultist Sandals) to create an area of decaying ground, reducing enemy movement speed and dealing damage over time.
  8. If the enemy’s health is low and you need a damage boost, activate your Thetford Cape to deal additional AoE damage.
  9. Repeat this rotation while keeping an eye on your health and defensive cooldowns, using Purging Shield (Mage Robe) and Rotten Ground (Cultist Sandals) as needed.

This build offers a potent combination of damage, utility, and survivability, making it ideal for players looking for a budget solo PvP setup in Albion Online.

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Wednesday 20th of December 2023

Mage Cowl doesn't have a poison ability?


Friday 8th of December 2023

mage cowl - poison damage over time in 2023 ??? HELLOOOO !!!