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EverQuest Platinum Making Guide

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on making Platinum in EverQuest, the classic MMORPG. Platinum is the main currency in the game, and having a substantial amount of it can make your journey through Norrath much more enjoyable.

This guide will provide you with various methods and tips to earn Platinum, whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran.

Basic Currency Information:

EverQuest uses a tiered currency system consisting of Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The conversion rates are as follows:

  • 1 Platinum (PP) = 100 Gold (GP)
  • 1 Gold = 100 Silver (SP)
  • 1 Silver = 100 Copper (CP)

Most valuable items and services in the game are priced in Platinum, making it the most important currency to accumulate.

General Tips and Tricks:

  • Invest in bag space: Having more inventory space allows you to carry more loot, making it easier to accumulate Platinum.
  • Save your Platinum: It can be tempting to spend your hard-earned Platinum on shiny new items, but saving it up for more important purchases (such as mounts, spells, or gear upgrades) is usually a better investment.
  • Use a bank alt: Create a low-level character specifically for managing your inventory and finances. This will help keep your main character’s inventory organized and allow you to easily manage your Platinum-making endeavors.


Krono is a unique in-game item in EverQuest that can be bought with real money and then traded or sold in-game for Platinum. Each Krono can be redeemed for 30 days of game time, making them highly valuable to players who wish to extend their subscription without spending real currency. To leverage Krono for making Platinum:

  • Purchase Krono with real money: Buy Krono from the official EverQuest website or authorized third-party retailers.
  • Trade or sell Krono in-game: Offer your Krono to other players in exchange for Platinum, or sell them in the Bazaar. Make sure to research the going rate for Krono on your server to maximize your profits.
  • Invest in Krono: Hold onto your Krono as an investment, as their value may increase over time due to changes in the game economy or player demand.

Loot and Vendor Trash:

When starting out, you can generate a decent income by looting and selling items you don’t need to NPC vendors. Be sure to loot everything, as even low-value items can add up over time. Some valuable loot includes:

  • Vendor trash: Items like gems, cultural silk, and valuable pelts can be sold to vendors for Platinum.
  • Trade skill materials: Some players will pay top Platinum for materials they need to level their tradeskills.
  • Rare loot: You may come across rare items that can be sold to other players for a good amount of Platinum.


Tradeskills, such as tailoring, blacksmithing, alchemy, and jewelcrafting, allow you to create valuable items to sell to other players. Some of the most profitable tradeskills include:

  • Alchemy: Create potions that buff players or heal them.
  • Jewelcrafting: Craft rings, necklaces, and other jewelry.
  • Tailoring: Sew bags, armor, and other cloth items.
  • Blacksmithing: Forge weapons and armor.

Be aware that leveling tradeskills can be time-consuming and costly, so choose one that aligns with your interests and playstyle.

Farming Named Mobs and Camps:

Farming named mobs and camping their spawn points can yield valuable loot and rare items, which can be sold for Platinum.

Farming spots will depend on what type of server you are playing on. For Project 1990 / classic farming spots, go to our Classic Farming Guide.

Generally farming in the highest level zone you can fill net the most profit.

  • Latest Expansion zones: Farm in any high level zone, kill mobs, and loot. Sell items via the Barter system and to vendors.
  • Fortress Mechonotus: Farm Steamwork mobs for gears, nuts, tablets, and clockwork grease. Sell the loot, especially the clockwork grease, as it’s needed for high-level tradeskills.
  • The Grounds: Pull and kill mobs in The Grounds, as long as there are no other players leveling there. Invite lower-level players to join you for power leveling.
  • Direwind Cliffs: Farm griffins, gnolls, and undead for valuable trash loot.
  • Gyrospire Zeka: Farm mobs for tradeskill materials and valuable vendor drops.
  • Korascian Warrens: Farm humanoid mobs for Seeds of Destruction rank 2 spell drops, melee tomes, and tradeskill items.
  • Brell’s Temple

Selling Services:

If you have a high-level character with a desirable skill set, you can sell your services to other players for Platinum. Examples include:

  • Power leveling: Help lower-level characters gain experience faster by escorting them through dangerous areas or by killing high-level mobs.
  • Porting: If you have access to teleportation spells, offer transportation services to other players.
  • Resurrection: Offer to resurrect players who have died and need assistance.

Playing the Bazaar:

The Bazaar is an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell items. To make Platinum in the Bazaar:

  • Buy low, sell high: Look for underpriced items that you can resell for a profit.
  • Know the market: Research item prices and be aware of what is in demand.
  • Be patient: Don’t be afraid to wait for the right price when selling items.


The Barter system in EverQuest allows players to list items they want to buy, enabling sellers to quickly locate potential buyers for their goods. Here’s how to make the most of the Barter function:

  • Look for items that players are paying a lot of plat for and go farm them.
  • Browse buyer listings: The Barter window displays a list of items that other players are looking to buy, along with the prices they are willing to pay. Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find specific items.
  • Sell items to buyers: If you have an item that a player is looking to buy, and you are satisfied with the listed price, click the “Sell” button next to the item in the Barter window.
  • List items you want to buy: If you’re looking to buy specific items, click the “Add Item” button in the Barter window, then search for the item you want to buy and set the price you’re willing to pay. Other players can then sell their items directly to you through the Barter system.
  • Monitor the market: Regularly check the Barter window to stay updated on market trends and pricing for items you’re interested in buying or selling. This information can help you make more informed decisions about pricing your items in the Bazaar or when buying items through Barter.

By effectively utilizing the Barter function, you can quickly sell your items to interested buyers and find items you want to buy without spending too much time browsing the Bazaar. This method can be a valuable addition to your Platinum-making strategies in EverQuest.

Grouping and Raids:

Joining a group or participating in raids can yield valuable loot and experience. Many high-end items can only be obtained through raiding, and these items can be sold for a significant amount of Platinum. To maximize your Platinum-making potential through grouping and raids:

By following the tips and methods outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to amassing a fortune in Platinum in EverQuest. Remember to stay patient, persistent, and enjoy the journey through Norrath!