WoW Vendors With Limited Supply Items

This is part of our WoW Gold Farming Guide. Below you will find a list of vendors with limited supply items and recipes that you can sell on the auction house.

Salan Sunthread – Shirts

Geenia SunshadowFormal Dangui

Faldren Tillsdale – Firelands boots. Only the boots are BoE

Jamus’Vaz – Firelands boots. Only the boots are BoE

Dealer Najeeb – Various Items

Qiff – Various Items

Haris Pilton – Various Items

Dealer Jadyan – Various Items

Kris Legace – Various Armor

Halija Whitestrider – Armor and Shirts

Vexspindle – Bracers

Kzixx – Various Items

Thomas Yance – Shirts

Brak Durnad – Weapons

Talaara – Weapons

Ott – Weapons

Harland Waldek – Weapons

Fallesh Sunfallow – Weapons

Breanni – Pets

Dealer Rashaad – Pets

Xan’tish – Pets

Jilanne – Pets

Halpa – Pets

Bro’kinRecipe: Frost Oil

HagrusRecipe: Great Rage Potion

Magnus Frostwake – Various Alchemy Recipes

BliztikRecipe: Shadow Oil

Alchemist Pestlezugg – Various Alchemy Recipes

SkreahRecipe: Transmute Primal Might

Melaris – Various Alchemy Recipes

Altaa – Various Alchemy Recipes

Cowardly CrosbyPattern: Admiral’s Hat

NarkkPattern – Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt

Mallen SwainPattern: Dark Silk Shirt

Xizk GoodstitchPattern: Enchanter’s Cowl

Ghok’kahPattern: Icy Cloak

Borya – Various Tailoring Patterns

Outfitter Eric – Various Tailoring Patterns

Millie Gregorian – Various Tailoring Patterns

Qia – Various Tailoring Patterns

Alexandra Bolero – Various Tailoring Patterns

Mahu – Various Tailoring Patterns

Eiin – Various Tailoring Patterns

Jennabink Powerseam – Various Tailoring Patterns

Sheri Zipstich – Various Tailoring Patterns

Amy Davenport – Various Tailoring Patterns

Harlown DarkweavePattern: Herbalist’s Gloves

George CandartePattern: Green Leather Armor

Wenna Silkbeard -Various Leatherworking Patterns and Armor

Zannok Hidepiercer – Various Leatherworking Patterns

Rikqiz – Various Leatherworking Patterns

Blixrez Goodstich – Various Leatherworking Patterns

Androd FadranPattern: Raptor Hide Belt

DaleohmPlans: Frostguard

Jaquilina DrametPlans: Massive Iron Axe and Midnight Axe

Krinkle GoodsteelPlans: Golden Scale Coif

GharashPlans: Mithril Scale Bracers

HaggranPlans: Mithril Scale Bracers

Zarena CromwindPlans: Moonsteel Broadsword

Krek Cragcrush – Various Blacksmithing Recipes

Loolruna – Various Blacksmithing Recipes

JutakPlans: Hardened Iron Shortsword

Aaron Hollman – Various Blacksmithing Recipes

Arras – Various Blacksmithing Recipes

Eriden – Various Blacksmithing Recipes

Dark Iron EntrepreneurForumla: Enchant Gloves – Mining

BanalashForumla: Enchant Bracer – Dodge

Mythrin’dirForumla: Enchant Bracer – Dodge

Dalria – Various Enchants

Kulwia – Various Enchants

Kithas – Various Enchants

Lilly – Various Enchants

Daniel Bartlett – Various Enchants

Madame Ruby – Various Enchants

Daggle IronshaperSchematic: Adamantite Scope

Mixie Farshot – Various Schematics

Knaz Blunderflame -Various Schematics and items

Yuka Screwspigot – Various Schematics and items

Feera – Various Schematics and items

Wind Trader Lathrai – Various Schematics and items

Yatheon – Various Schematics and items

Xizzer Fizzbolt – Various Schematics and items

Zan ShivsproketSchematic: Gnomish Cloaking Device

Gearcutter Cogspinner – Various Schematics and items

Helenia Olden – Various Recipes

Kelsey Yance – Various Recipes

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