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Movement Speed Guide – Get Over 200% Speed In Shadowlands

So you want to increase your speed in Shadowlands? Speed is pure fun in WoW, especially when farming old content like dungeons or raids for mounts or transmog. It’s fun to just zoom through the zone, killing and looting everything in your way.

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Shadowlands Movement Speed
Currently on my Hunter my movement speed is around 180-280%. With the average in dungeons being around 190%.

If you are wondering how you can see the speed stat like this in WoW, you need to download the addon Deja Character Stats or MonkeySpeed.

Shadowlands Fastest Movement Speed Classes

There are a few classes in the game that can move a lot faster than others. Generally Druids, Warriors and Hunters are preferred for movement speed.

Fury Warrior

My favorite, but a very gear dependent class for speed- Whirlwind is very useful when AoE farming quickly.

With the Double Time talent and the Leaper legendary power you are able to leap or charge almost constantly.

Use the Macro below to charge at the nearest enemy:

/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast charge

Fury Warrior Movement Talents & Abilities

  • Heroic Leap – Leap to a location
  • Charge – Quickly charge at en enemy
  • Double Time – Increases charges of Charge and reduces cooldown by 3 sec.
  • Bounding Stride – Reduces cooldown of Heroic Leap by 15 sec and increase speed by 70% for 3 sec.
  • War Machine – 30% Movement Speed for 8 seconds after killing an enemy.

Fury Warrior Legendary Powers

Leaper – Adds another 2 heroic leaps.

Shadowlands Movement Speed 2
Click the image to see our Warrior Movement Speed Guide on Youtube

Feral Druid

Good base movement speed because of Cat Form. Good allrounders with a bunch of utility. Swipe is useful when AoE farming. Can use Dreamwalk to quickly reset dungeons.

Feral Druid Movement Talents & Abilities

  • Cat Form – Increases Movement Speed by 30%
  • Feline Swiftness – Increases Movement Speed by 15%
  • Dash – 60% Increased Movement Speed for 10 sec.
  • Tiger Dash – 200% Movement Speed that reduces over 5 sec.

Feral Druid Legendary Powers

Oath of the Elder Druid – Increases Feline Swiftness by 75%

Feral Druid Soulbinds for Movement Speed

Tireless Pursuit – Retain 40% Movement Speed after leaving cat form

Subtlety Rogue

Can move very fast while stealthed, giving the option to bypass trash mobs.

Subtlety Rogue Movement Talents & Abilities

Rogue Soulbinds for Movement Speed

Fade to Nothing – Stealth increases movement speed by 10% – 25%

Beast Mastery Hunter

Good soloers with some great passive movement speed. Can multishot while moving which is great for old content.

I use a very simple macro for multishotting whatever is in front of me while running:

/cast Multi-shot

Hunters are a fast class right out of the box with Trailblazer and a Cunning Pet for Pathfinding, and is’t as gear reliant as other classes.

Hunter Movement Talents & Abilities

Hunter Soulbinds for Movement Speed

Cheetah’s Vigor – Aspect of the Cheetah lasts longer and the cooldown is reduced depending on the rank.

Fastest Movement Speed Race

There are a few races that move faster than others.

  • Zandalari Trolls are now the fastest race due to the Embrace of Gonk racial.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves are a good race for farming dungeons quickly because of the Dungeon Delver bonus.
  • Night Elves are slightly faster than most races because of the Quickness bonus.
  • Worgen have the Darkflight bonus.

Best Covenant and Soulbinds for Movement Speed

All covenant has some form of movement speed Soulbind abilities. You can see the main ones below

For class specific soulbinds see the class sections above.

Soulbinds for Movement Speed

Night Fae: Swift Patrol & Somnambulist which both are very good options for speed.

Night Fae also gets the Soulshape ability which increases speed by 50% making Night Fae the best covenant for movement speed.

Kyrian: Road of Trials is also a very good option as it persists in combat.

Venthyr: Fancy Footwork isn’t great so Venthyr seems to be the worst option.

Necrolord: Travel with Bloop isn’t great but Gristled Toes is decent in large pulls.

Movement Speed Gear, Enchants, And Gems

A lot of movement speed can be gained through gear.

In Shadowlands gems will be very important to reach high amounts of speed on your gear due to the Straddling Jewel Doublet which adds 12 speed for every other gem you have equipped.

You only need one Straddling Jewel Doublet and then you can stack any gem you want for more speed, so having gear with more gem slots is a big plus for movement speed.

Shadowlands Movement Speed Gem

Straddling Sage Agate & Straddling Viridium should also still be used. The two gems stack and gives a combined 8% movement speed.

Straddling Sage Agate
Straddling Viridium

If you haven’t found any current Shadowlands gear to slot these two gems into you can slot it into any gear over item level 50 so Benthic armor for BFA works fine as an example.

Head, Shoulder, and Chest

Outside of Shadowlands zones you can and should still use Azerite gear with the Longstrider perk with your Heart of Azeroth in your Head, Shoulder, and Chest.

Remember to stack your preferred secondary rating on other gear.

These are pretty easy to come by now like the Benthic armor in Nazjatar.

Longstrider movement speed

If you want to use your gear within the Shadowlands, use any gear with speed and / or a socket. Check the AH, do world quests with gear rewards or just run dungeons & raids and hope for +speed gear.


For your neck slot you should use the Heart of Azeroth with Azerite gear and Longstrider.

The Ripple in Space essence for the Heart of Azeroth will also boost speed by 5%.

Ripple in space

For Shadowlands content, swap it out with any gear with +speed and / or a socket.


Cloaks can be enchanted with the new Fortified Speed Enchant in Shadowlands which adds 30 speed to any cloak.

Shadowlands Cloak Speed Enchant

Try to get a Shadowlands cloak with +speed. I found quite a few Fate-Sewn Shawls with 28 speed on the Auction House.

Movement speed cloak

Wrist, Hands, Waist & Legs

Here you can use any gear available with +speed and / or sockets.

I am still using Benthic for Wrist and Legs with sockets to slot the Straddling Agate and Viridium since I haven’t gotten Shadowlands gear with sockets yet, and the rest is Shadowlands gear with +speed that I found on the auction house.


For boots, you generally want any feed with an item level lower than 50 and an enchant like Minor Speed or any of the enchants giving 10% speed.

Wow movement speed boots

Boots of the Gilded Path is an option if you can wear mail and if you can get it.


You can buy Shadowlands rings on the AH with sockets. I use these to slot one Straddling Jewel Doublet and one random gem.


Use any trinket you can get with +speed.

Hopebreaker’s Badge is a nice cheap trinket that you can get on the AH.

Movement speed trinket


Runeblade of Baron Rivendare.  Enchant with Windwalk.

If you can’t use it, use any weapon with +speed.

movement speed weapon

Movement Speed Consumables & Items

  • Fried Bonefish is the Shadowlands version of Bear Tartare. It increases movement speed after killing an enemy.
  • Goblin Glider Kit does not affect movement speed but offers some increased movability.
  • Loot-a-rang makes looting faster and easier in some cases. Getting the Leatrix addon will make it work better, as looting will be much quicker.

Movement Speed Addons

Addons won’t impact movement speed directly but there are a couple that is nice to have.

  • Auto Loot Plus or Leatrix Plus will allow you to loot faster, almost instantly, so that you can move on to the next mob faster.
  • Deja Character Stats will allow you to see the movement speed stat in-game.
  • MonkeySpeed adds a small bar to your UI so that you can always clearly see your movement speed.

That’s it for our speed guide. Using these tips should easily bring you to 180%+ Movement Speed so that you can farm quickly.

If you have any questions or suggestions about increasing your speed stat in WoW, feel free to leave a comment below!


Sunday 3rd of April 2022

i just got staccato belt +Speed from zereth mortis


Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

There are new crafted items from Zereth Mortis that have equip +speed on them, yet I don't know what item adds that property.

Vsevolod Zaigralin

Tuesday 18th of May 2021

there's a 5% set item boost from wrist/belt from azeroth expansion...


Wednesday 6th of May 2020

Hello. Recenly found your guide, i have a question, i have 113 warrior with Aggramar Boos and Belt, is it better to stay at this lvl for more speed or level up to 115?


Friday 3rd of January 2020

Im having my best speedgear as Guardian druid with the Battlefiel Essence Rank 3. Bin damit baseline bei ca. 200% speed. 1 Min Stampeding Roar, 45 Sec Major Von der PVP Essence 50% speed für 10 sec, 45c CD auf tigerrush. Müsste noch einen WOD Umhang farmen mit speed. Kann leider keine 2 handschwert tragen habe aber 435 Waffe mit speed-rating