Everquest 2 Platinum Guide 2

Everquest 2 Platinum Guide

Welcome to our Everquest 2 Platinum Guide! In this guide, we will be showing you how to make some plat. The guide is up to date with the latest expansion, Visions of Vetrovia.

Everquest 2’s economy has been severely broken and inflated for years, so keep that in mind when farming. One Krono is worth millions and millions of plat with the current prices, which is going to take some time to farm no matter how good you are.

You can make plat starting at level 1, but it will be most efficient at max level so check out our EQ2 Leveling Guide to get quickly to level 125.

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Platinum Guide Index

Membership & The Marketplace

Having a membership is almost a must when trying to make Platinum in EQ2. It will give you full access to the Broker (EQ2’s Auction House).

When you have a membership you will be awarded 500DBC each month to spend in the Marketplace. When you redeem your monthly DBC, you will get a one-time offer to buy certain items. Some of these, like the Mercenary Packs, can be sold on the Broker.

EQ2 Membership
Membership will give you several benefits when trying to make plat.

You can also spend your DBC on Experience Vials that you can fill with experience and then sell on the Broker for a lot of plat.


If you are serious about making platinum, you should always have the max number of containers with a big capacity on the Broker.

EQ2 Plat Guide Crate
Get as big crates and bags as you can on the Broker.

If you need more, make an alt that can sell things for you.

Also, remember that you can put any bag on the broker to get room to sell, but you will need display cases or crates if you want to make a store in your house. Having the items available in your house will make it so that players can visit and buy directly from you to avoid the Broker fee.

EQ2 Plat Guide Store
Set up a store in your house to avoid Broker fees.

Flipping on the Broker

This is often one of the best ways of making gold in any MMO, and it can work in EQ2 as well, but it is a lot of work. We won’t go into detail on flipping in this guide, but I will give you a few tips.

Flipping is a lot of the time just about sorting through all of the thousands of items that are on the broker. Either sort by highest or lowest price or switch between the two.

If you are filtering a certain item group by lowest price, look for rare items that there aren’t many of, then check to see if other people are selling it at a higher price.

If you are sorting by the highest price, choose a valuable item and do a search for that item to see if there are any bargains to be had.


You can of course also try to get a monopoly on certain items or any item group. This can work well with collectibles as players often buy these without looking at the price.

Buy every item available of a certain collectible or even whole collections and list them at a higher price. If someone lists it cheaper than you, buy it to maintain the monopoly.


Krono is by far the fastest and easiest way to get a hold of a lot of plat in Everquest 2. Right now you will get over 50 million plat for one Krono on the Halls of Fate server, which will take a long time to farm.

Loyalty Tokens

Loyalty Tokens are a currency that you can earn by completing various daily tasks. Open your journal (J) and click the Daily Objectives tab. Here you will see a list of some very easy objectives that are easily finished in minutes.

Once two of these are completed in a single day, you will earn Loyalty Tokens. Once you have 5 tokens, you can go to Noble Tark Validus in Qeynos or Freeport and buy a small bag of platinum coins that contains 500 plat.

EQ2 Plat Guide Loyalty Tokens
Loyalty Tokens can be exchanged for platinum

Collectibles / Shinies

Collectibles can be farmed easily and some sell quite well.

One approach is to search for collectibles on the Broker, then sort by highest price. Look at what collectibles are the most valuable and then go out and collect.

EQ2 Plat Guide Collectibles
Certain rare collectibles are worth a lot of platinum.

Having too many of the same items for sale doesn’t make much sense though so you want to spread out your farming and get a nice variety of collectibles.

So another approach is to open the map and just head out to an easily available zone and do a quick round of collecting, then move to a new zone.

Remember that you can track Shinies by using the Track Harvestable Tradeskill AA ability. Alternatively use a Gnomish Divining Rod if you don’t have the AA.

EQ2 Plat Guide Track
Use the Track Harvestable skill or the Gnomish Divining Rod to find collectibles and tradeskill items.

You can combine this with harvesting or if you mentor down while doing this you can combine it with farming old content which is next on the list.

Farming Old Content

Farming old content will work a bit in the same way as farming collectibles. A lot of the stuff you get might take some time to sell so be sure to have a lot of room on the Broker.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what content to farm as it’s just too much. Here you also will want to head over to the Broker and have a look at weapons and gear that are priced high. Do a search to see where it drops and head out to farm it.

EQ2 Plat Guide Farming
Visiting old raid zones can be a lot of fun and if you are lucky you might get a rare item and make some plat.

Example: I noticed that the Sword of Pain and several other items from Halls of Seeing in Tenebrous Tangle had some decent prices. So I went over there and killed everything in about 5 minutes and go a decent chunk of Weapons and Armor that will sell for appearance. I also got a good amount of adepts, masters, and tradeskill volumes that can also be sold for some extra plat. (Note that many of these items might take a long time to sell so be sure to have enough room on the Broker)


Harvesting is also a good way of making plat, especially when combined with collecting shinies.

It’s a good idea to level up your tradeskill class until you can the Track Harvestable AA, which will help you find stuff easier, or use a Gnomish Divining Rod.

There is also a lot of gear that you can equip that will increase your Harvesting skills, a full list of gear can be found here.

Like with shinies, it can be a good idea to get a variety of items to sell on the Broker, so I tend to farm a bit in every zone tier. Even low-level items will sell for a decent amount to people that are leveling.


In this guide, we won’t really go into the specifics of crafting. Every tradeskill class can make a decent amount of plat, but Provisioner, Woodworker, and Alchemist are generally the most stable moneymakers. Carpenters can also make plat from making furniture.

That was it for our Everquest 2 Platinum Guide. Do you have any questions or suggestions about farming plat in EQ2? Leave them in the comments below!

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