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Everquest Ranger Headshot Guide

Headshot is a AA ability for Ranger in EQ, making it possible to instantly kill a mob that is much lower level than you. Some mobs that are lower level than you still provide great XP so this is a very popular way to grind AAs. Ranger with the Headshot AA can grind a lot quicker than all other classes. A headshot can proc from any ranged attack, so just fire off arrows and eventually one will be a headshot and the mob will die instantly. There are 22 ranks of Headshot, the first is available at level 60 (requires rank 1 in archery master). The Headshot ability only works on humanoid mobs.

When you are ready find a place with humanoid characters of appropriate level (see the list below). Snare / Root the mobs and start using a ranged attack, depending on your dex/haste / proc rate you will headshot about 1/16 to 1/6 of your ranged attacks will be headshots so just keep firing (chances of the headshot pricing vary a lot). Headshotting works best with Vinelash Cascade, a spell that will root then snare mobs in an area, allowing you to snare multiple mobs at the same time. The best place to headshot is by far Plane of Fire, see the list below for more places to Headshot.


Max Mob Lvl

LvL Req

  • Dexterity and Mod2 combat effects will increase the proc rate of headshot.
  • A fast bow is best, as they fire more arrows, increasing the chance of one being a headshot.
  • Get high-damage arrows like CLASS 8 Steel Braxihorn Arrow. Along with Endless Quiver, you will only need one arrow.
  • Get haste / dex buffs. Shaman Buffs work best and will increase proc rate.
Other AA’s to get that will help you grinding with Headshot:
  • Endless Quiver , This AA will use the same arrow as you currently have equipped but won’t consume the arrow. So just get one high damage arrow and that’s all you need.
  • Archery Mastery
  • Bow Mastery
  • Ranged Finesse
  • Trick Shot, gives you the chance to fire more than one arrow.
Places to Headshot:
  • HS Rank 2 – Mines of Nurga Goblins
  • HS Rank 3 – Torgiran Mines
  • HS Rank 4 – Crypt of Nadox Mob near Entrance
  • HS Rank 5 – Temple of Droga, Upper
  • HS Rank 7 – Temple of Droga, Lower
  • HS Rank 7 – Blackfeather Roost Second Level
  • HS Rank 7 – Plane of Nightmare Mephits, Gargoyles
  • HS Rank 8 – Crypt of Decay Puslings
  • HS Rank 8 – Goru`kar Mesa, Green Legion Phalanxes
  • HS Rank 9 – The Barren Coast
  • HS Rank 9 – Halls of Honor
  • HS Rank 9 – Plane of Valor Arachnaes and Crawlers
  • HS Rank 10 – The Barren Coast Blacksail Swashbucklers and Stormguard Knights
  • HS Rank 11 -Children of Gimblax Non Named Goblins
  • HS Rank 11 – Calling Emoush Goblins
  • HS Rank 11 – Plane of Fire C1
  • HS Rank 12 – Plane of Fire C2
  • HS Rank 12 – The Steppes Gnolls
  • HS Rank 12 – Snarlstone Dens: Confronting a Traitor
  • HS Rank 13 – Freeing an Elder
  • HS Rank 13 – Stoneroot Falls Drachnids and Orcs
  • HS Rank 13 / 15 – Dragonscale Hills Minotaurs and Nymphs
  • HS Rank 14 – The Lost Gnomes
  • HS Rank 15 – Dreadspire Keep Orcs and Humans
  • HS Rank 15 – The Lost Gnomes (Hard)
  • HS Rank 16 – Old Blackburrow
  • HS Rank 16 – Bloody Kithicor
  • HS Rank 19 – Field of Scale
  • HS Rank 19 – Kurn’s Stronghold
  • HS Rank 20/21 – Kaesora Library


Saturday 7th of January 2023

"Last updated: November 2, 2022" This guide is massively outdated - and it was in Nov. 2022 as well.

Great Job

Saturday 11th of February 2023

@Trackracer, You mean a page with last comments from 2014 and 2015 is out of date? Shocking!

Seth Newberry

Friday 6th of March 2015

The Headshot guide should include Valdeholm Lakeskaters at lvl 80 they are Headshotable Not surewhy spiders are considered humanoids but damn is it nice exp and decent loot. Lvl 80 Ranger on Vox Server


Tuesday 25th of March 2014

This guide is basically irrelevant with the 3/12, 3/14, updates making all HS attacks current level - 1. So no more going 6 lvls below to do insane headshot kill counts.