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What is the best solo class in Everquest? Well it all really depends on playstyle and skill, but there are a few classes that are better than others at soloing. The different classes are also good at soloing different things, some are good at soloing old raid content, some are good at single mobs and others are good at soloing multiple mobs. Choosing a class i all up to you and most classes in Everquest solo very well these days but in this guide i will show you what classes are the best at soloing!

Below is a chart of the Solo Capability of each class. Going from bad to excellent. (Even the classes listed as bad can actually solo pretty well with a merc nowadays)


Solo capability: Bad

Bards do a lot of things and are desired in groups for their varied skills. They used to be able to kite and solo very well, but nowadays they aren’t very good soloers.





Solo capability: Very Good

Beastlords are a mix of monks and Shaman’s. They have very strong pets and varied spells suited for soloing, like heals, buffs and snares. Their spells aren’t as strong as the Shaman but the pet more than makes up for it. They are also very easy to play compared to a lot of other classes.



Solo capability: Bad

Berserkers use huge axes to do large amounts of damage. They are very easy to play and have high dps. Berserkers are usually wanted in groups but don’t solo terribly well.





Solo capability: Good

Clerics wear plate armor and have the strongest heals in the game, combined with a tank merc they can solo very well. They are also a FTP class which makes them the best Free to Play alternative.






Solo capability: Very Good

Druids can do a lot of thing. They can heal, have excellent buffs, snares and can port anywhere. The ability to port is very nice when soloing as you minimize travel time. They also have decent damage making them very good soloers.





Solo capability: Good

Enchanters are the masters of crow control. They also have mana regeneration buffs making them strong soloers and very much wanted in groups.





Solo capability: Excellent

Magicians have the most powerful pets in the game and do a lot of damage. They can also summon everything they need, like food, water and pet weapons. Paired with a merc Mages are some of the best soloers in the game.




Solo capability: Very Good

Monks have very high DPS and can avoid a lot of damage and take quite a beating. They also have feign death. Monks are arguably the best melee dps soloer.





Solo capability: Excellent

Necromancers have very strong DoTs, a good pet, snares and feign death. They are one of the best soloers in the game and can solo just about anything.





Solo capability: Good

Paladins have high AC and heals to keep them alive. They solo fine against Undead mobs but lack a bit in the DPS department against other mobs.





 Solo capability : Excellent

What makes the Ranger good at soloing is mainly their Headshot ability that can instantly kill lower level mobs. This makes them the fastest class to solo level AA’s with. They are also very versatile and have abilities and spells like damage shields, heals, good dps and buffs to name a few.






Solo capability: Bad

Rogues have high melee DPS and are very good in groups. They are not good at soloing though, maybe the worst class overall.





Solo capability : Excellent

Shadowknights are very good tanks, and has been known as one of the best solo classes for a long time. They have a lot of AC since they wear plate and they do a lot of damage. They also get snares, lifetaps and feign death making them very powerful soloers.





Solo capability: Good

Shamans do a bit of everything but they excel at buffing and regeneration spells. Teamed up with a merc they can be very good soloers





Solo capability: Bad

Warriors have high AC and damage output, That’s about it. You will have a pretty hard time soloing as a Warrior compared to other classes.




Solo capability: Good

Wizards have very high DPS and powerful nukes. They struggle a bit with downtime, but are otherwise good soloers. Also have portal spell that allows fast travel all over Norrath.



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