EverQuest Best Solo Class

Everquest Best Solo Class

Selecting the best solo class in Everquest depends on your playstyle and skill. While all classes can solo reasonably well with a mercenary, some classes excel in specific solo situations. In this updated guide, we will review the solo capability of each class, ranging from bad to excellent.


Solo capability: Fair

Bards are versatile and desired in groups for their diverse skills. While not as powerful as they once were, bards can still solo effectively by kiting and crowd control.


Solo capability: Very Good

Beastlords are a hybrid of monks and shamans. Their strong pets and versatile spells make them excellent soloers, and they are relatively easy to play compared to other classes.


Solo capability: Fair

Berserkers wield massive axes and deliver high DPS. While primarily desired in groups, they can solo decently with the right gear and a mercenary.


Solo capability: Good

Clerics wear plate armor and offer the strongest heals in the game. With a tank mercenary, they can solo effectively and serve as the best Free to Play alternative.


Solo capability: Very Good

Druids are versatile casters with healing, powerful buffs, snares, and teleportation abilities. Their solid damage output and utility make them strong soloers.


Solo capability: Good

Enchanters excel in crowd control and provide mana regeneration buffs, making them valuable in groups and effective soloers.


Solo capability: Excellent

Magicians summon powerful pets and deal significant damage. Their ability to summon items like food, water, and pet weapons make them top-tier soloers when paired with a mercenary.


Solo capability: Very Good

Monks deliver high DPS, evade damage, and withstand considerable punishment. Their feign death ability makes them one of the best melee DPS soloers.


Solo capability: Excellent

Necromancers possess potent DoTs, a robust pet, snares, and feign death. They are among the best soloers in the game, capable of taking on almost any challenge.


Solo capability: Good

Paladins boast high AC and healing abilities, making them effective soloers against undead mobs. However, they may struggle with DPS against other types of enemies.


Solo capability: Excellent

Rangers excel at soloing due to their Headshot ability, which instantly kills lower-level mobs. This makes them the fastest class to earn AA’s. Their versatility includes damage shields, heals, buffs, and solid DPS.


Solo capability: Fair

Rogues deal high melee DPS and excel in groups. While not the strongest soloers, they can manage with appropriate gear and a mercenary.


Solo capability: Excellent

Shadowknights are exceptional tanks and have long been considered one of the best solo classes. Their plate armor, high damage, snares, lifetaps, and feign death make them formidable soloers.


Solo capability: Good

Shamans are versatile casters who excel at buffing and regeneration spells. With a mercenary, they can be effective soloers.


Solo capability: Fair

Warriors have high AC and damage output but limited utility. Soloing as a warrior can be challenging compared to other classes, but it is manageable with the right gear and a mercenary.


Solo capability: Good

Wizards offer high DPS and powerful nukes. While they may struggle with downtime, their teleportation spells and overall damage output make them effective soloers.

In summary, your choice of the best solo class in Everquest depends on your preferred playstyle and what you want to accomplish. While all classes can manage solo play with a mercenary, some excel in specific situations.

When selecting a class, consider your personal preferences and the type of content you want to solo. Some classes excel at soloing old raid content, while others are better at handling single or multiple mobs. With the right gear, mercenary support, and practice, any class can be enjoyable and rewarding to play in Everquest. Happy adventuring!

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  1. I did a Necromancer to level 64, obtained both epic weapons using my guild for those battles, but only twice…
    Hundred years ago..

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