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Age of Conan Unchained Leveling Guide 1-80

Welcome to the Age of Conan Unchained Leveling Guide. This guide will get you as fast as possible to level 80 in Age of Conan.

It is made for both free-to-play and premium players, so you can use it no matter what type of account you have.

This guide is made primarily for Soloing, with some group content.


  • Both questing and grinding are viable options for experience in Age of Conan. In the start questing will be more efficient, but as you level you can choose what you want to do.
  • Gear up every 20 or 10 levels if you can.
  • Get a lot of potions if you can afford them
  • Every 4 days an offline level will be added to your account. These are levels you can spend to level up a character. It is wise to save until at least level 70.
  • If you plan on grinding solo, start an AOE class, these are a lot faster when it comes to grinding.
  • Use the World Map to see where you can level. It has level information.



Picking the right class is crucial if your plan is to level as fast as possible. Here is a short overview of the different classes.

I have played several of the AoC classes. When I played through this Age of Conan Leveling Guide I played as a Tempest of Set, and they are one of my personal favorite classes to level.

See our Age of Conan Best Solo Class Guide for more info.

Items and Gear:

Most weapons and equipment you will need you will get through questing and drops. If you have a high-level character you can always send over a few golds to the new character for gear but this is not needed.

You can also get gear through the item shop but this can be costly so in most cases I would stick with the gear I get through drops. If you feel under-geared, find a group and hit up some instances.

There are some other items of interest that can be useful to level faster though.

  • The Ring of Acheron can be acquired by either buying the collector’s edition of the game or buying it in the item shop for 1100 Funcom Points. It will give you 2% extra experience.
  • Experience Potions can also be purchased in the item shop, these will boost your xp for several hours and can be worth looking into.
  • Always pick up a lot of potions.

To loot or not to loot:

This is a matter of preference but a lot of the time a prefer not to loot when leveling to save time. A few factors play into this, if this is an alt I’m leveling my main will probably have gold and I won’t need the stuff I will be looting until I’m in the endgame part of the game. 

When I leveled through when writing the Age of Conan leveling guide I didn’t really loot anything to save as much time as possible, gold can be made easier ways if you already have a high-level alt.

This is really just a personal preference and both are viable options. Some people like grinding others like to quest. Which one is faster is really hard to tell and it all depends on the class, gear, and player skill. Do whatever suits you.

Level 1-20

Level 1-5: Tutorial

So it’s now time to start the actual leveling part of the Age of Conan Leveling Guide.

The first five levels are very quick and will be done in about 10 minutes in the tutorial. Just follow the instructions and plow through the enemies.

Level 6-20: Tortage

Tortage is the starting area of Age of Conan. It is a lot of fun the first time around but can be a pain doing it the second or third time.

Basically, just follow the questlines and you should be level 20 in no time.

Level 20-40

After leaving Tortage you will end up in a city depending on your race.

Stygians start in Khemi.
Aquilonians start in Old Tarantia.
Cimmerians start in Conarch Village.

To travel between these areas:
Khemi to Old Tarantia: Talk to the NPC on the  Northeastern docks.
Conarch Village to Tarantia: Talk to the Wagoneer.
Old Tarantia to Khemi: Talk to the NPC on the  Northwestern docks.
Old Tarantia to Conarch Village: Wagoneer on the road through the southwestern gate,

You can pick up quests and complete quests in all these zones, which will lead to follow-up quests in Conal’s Valley, Khopesh Province, and Wild Land of Zelata.

Doing these quests usually involves running around from city to city delivering things and will net you 2-3 levels.

You can now do quests in either of these zones.

Usually, it is best to switch a bit between questing in all three of them.

Grind Spots:

  • Level 20: Picts in Tortage
  • Level 25: Vanir in Connal’s Valley
  • Level 30: Nemedian Soldiers in Wild Lands

Level 40-60

When you have completed the quests in all these zones you should be at level 40, if not you can grind out the next levels until you are or just continue on.

You will now be able to get a mount, something that helps cut travel time and will help you level quicker. You should also pick up some potions.

At level 40 you have two zones that will become available. Tarantia Noble District and Fields of The Dead. Do all the quests in these zones and you’ll be around level 50.

Do quests and grind in these zones until around level 50.

You should now start doing the Villa in Tarantia Noble District. These are instances with repeatable solo quests.

There are 4 villas, that you can do every 4-5 hours.  These give good XP and they scale with your level.

The 4 Villas are:

Villa Amiel – Villa Camilus – Villa Lentulus – Villa Verde

Combine doing quests in Eglophian Mountains and Ymirs Pass with the Villas. You should be able to reach level 60 with little to no grinding this way.

Grind Spots :

  • Level 40: Vanir in Fields of the Dead
  • Level 45: Haunted Forest
  • Level 55: Vanir Camp past the Mountain Hunting Lodge
  • Level 55: Cannibal Caves in Eigolophian Mountains

Level 60-80


The main zones for leveling 60-70 are Thunder River and Atzels Approach, do quests here until around level 70.

Grinding also starts being very viable at these levels and you can level just as fast or faster by grinding.

When you’ve finished in Thunder River and Atzels Approach move on to Kheshatta. This is where you will stay until level 80.

If you have offline levels, use them now.

Do quests in Kheshatta along with group content and Villas until level 80.

Grind Spots:

  • Level 60: Various Vanir Camps in Atzel’s Approach
  • Level 60: “The Wagon” in Atzels Approach
  • Level 70: Cohort Camp in Kheshatta
  • Level 75: Death Master Camps in Keshatta

Grats in dinging 80, hope you found this guide helpful!

Solo Dungeons

Coastal Cave
Levels: 10-15
Located: City of Tortage

Tortage Underhalls
Levels: 10-20
Located: City of Tortage

Levels: 15-20
Located: White Sands

Bubshur House
Levels: 20-25
Located: Khopshef’s Province

Abandoned Smuggler Tunnels
Levels: 23-29
Located: Wild Lands of Zelata

The Maze
Levels: 27-29
Located: Wild Lands of Zelata

Spider Caverns
Levels: 28-30
Located: Conall’s Valley

Border Range
Levels: 32-34
Located: Wild Lands of Zelata

Outflow Tunnels
Levels: 35-37
Located: Old Tarantia

Pyramid of the Ancients
Levels: 36-37
Located: Khopshef’s Province

Treasury of the Ancients
Levels: 38-40
Located: Khopshef’s Province

Noble Villas
Levels: 40-80
Located: Tarantia Noble District

Cannibal Cave
Levels: 55-56
Located: Eiglophian Mountains

Attilius Mansion
Levels: 75-80
Located: Tarantia Commons

The Slaughterhouse Cellar
Levels: 78-80
Located: Thunder River

That’s it. Grats on level 80! If you liked our Age of Conan Leveling Guide, be sure to leave a comment below!


Monday 14th of August 2017

I really love and like the leveling-guide its really cool man, Thank you for the help

Bob Buckingham

Saturday 22nd of April 2017

Oh, most assuredly, I enjoyed your leveling guide very much. I'm a professional in the field of medicine and I'm nonetheless quarreling with my children about mission strategies and leveling. To tell you the truth, I still have lots of holes in my AoC tapestry, but I pretend to read all your guides. Thanks a lot for your service.



Tuesday 31st of March 2015

This guide is my AoC leveling bible. 20 to 80 in 4 days and couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks.


Sunday 8th of September 2013

i really love and like the leveling-guide ty for the help :)