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Age of Conan: Beginner’s Guide and FAQ

Age of Conan is a challenging and immersive MMORPG with a steep learning curve. If you’re new to the game, this guide will help you get started and answer some frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

When you first launch the game, you’ll be prompted to create a character. You’ll choose a class and race, and then customize your character’s appearance.

Once your character is created, you’ll start the game in Tortage, the starting area for all players. Here, you will learn the basic mechanics of the game through a series of introductory quests.

It’s recommended to explore Tortage thoroughly and complete as many quests as possible before moving on. This will give you a solid foundation of experience and gear to help you as you venture into the more challenging parts of the game.


Questing is a primary way to gain experience and progress your character in Age of Conan. It’s important to carefully read the quest text, as the game often requires you to figure out the next step of the quest on your own.


The combat in Age of Conan is more interactive than in many other MMOs. You’ll choose your attacks from a selection of ‘attack directions’, and your success in combat will depend not only on your character’s stats but also on your timing and strategy.

Crafting and Gathering

Crafting and gathering are important parts of Age of Conan’s economy. As you explore the world, you’ll find resources that you can gather and use to craft a variety of items.

Crafting and gathering skills need to be leveled up independently of your character’s level, so it’s a good idea to start gathering resources and practicing your crafting skills early.

Dungeons and Raids

Once you reach higher levels, you’ll be able to participate in dungeons and raids for greater challenges and rewards. These activities require teamwork and strategy, and they offer some of the best gear in the game.


What does the ‘nudity’ setting do in Age of Conan?

Age of Conan has a ‘nudity’ setting that allows characters to appear naked. The degree of nudity displayed depends on the setting chosen: ‘none’, ‘partial’, or ‘full’. However, this setting is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay. Some regions may have restrictions on this feature due to local laws and regulations.

How do I get a horse in Age of Conan?

Horses, along with other mounts like camels and mammoths, can be purchased from stable masters in major cities once your character reaches a certain level (Level 40 for horses). They provide a significant speed boost and can be crucial for traveling across the game’s large map.

Can I customize my character with tattoos in Age of Conan?

Yes, during the character creation process, you can choose to apply tattoos to your character. These tattoos are purely cosmetic and don’t have any effect on gameplay. You can also change or add tattoos later in the game by visiting certain NPCs and paying a fee.

Remember, Age of Conan is a deep and complex game. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other players and take your time to explore and enjoy the rich world of Hyboria. Good luck!