Age of Conan Gold Guide

Age of Conan Gold Guide

Gold is the lifeblood of Age of Conan’s in-game economy, and acquiring it can seem daunting for new players. However, there are various methods to earn gold in Age of Conan, ranging from simple tasks to more complex endeavours. Here are some key strategies:


Questing is perhaps the most straightforward method for earning gold, especially for players who are new to the game. Completing quests rewards you with a variety of items and a decent amount of gold, especially as you progress into higher-level areas. Additionally, several quests offer valuable rewards that can be sold for a good price.


Crafting in Age of Conan is a great way to earn money, especially as you progress your crafting skills. Once you reach higher levels, you can craft gear and consumable items that are in high demand. You can then sell these items to other players for a profit. It’s important to research what items are currently selling well on the market to maximize your earnings.


Alongside crafting, gathering resources can also be profitable. While you are out questing or exploring, make sure to gather resources like wood, ore, and herbs. These resources can be used for crafting, or they can be sold directly to other players who do not want to gather these resources themselves.

Selling Loot

As you defeat enemies and complete dungeons, you will naturally accumulate loot. While some of this loot might be useful for your character, most of it will likely be sold. Make sure to sell any unnecessary items to vendors, or consider listing valuable items on the market for other players to purchase.

Trading on the Market

One of the more complex methods of earning gold is through trading on the market. This strategy involves buying low and selling high, and it requires a deep understanding of the game’s economy. However, with some practice and research, trading can be one of the most profitable methods for earning gold.

Participating in Raids and Dungeons

Participating in raids and dungeons is a great way to earn valuable loot, which can be sold for gold. These activities require a team of players and are more challenging than regular quests, but they offer greater rewards. If you’re able to assemble a group of players, consider running these activities regularly.

Remember that earning gold in Age of Conan, as with any MMO, requires patience and persistence. Try to find a method that you enjoy, as this will make the process more enjoyable and feel less like a grind. With a bit of effort and strategic planning, you’ll be racking up the gold in no time!

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