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Age of Conan Gold Guide

General Gold Making Tips:

1) Always loot every mob while leveling if your goal is to gain a lot of gold. In the beginning this will be your primary and maybe only way of attaining gold. Grinding is one of the most efficient ways of gaining gold in Age of Conan so start early.

2) Sell everything you can on the Trader. Most items can be sold to Vendors, but tradeskill items, gear, weapons etc. should be sold on the Trader.


From level 20 you can gather resources in Age of Conan. The nodes you gather from has an chance to drop rares (about 2-3%) These can sell for decent coin. Speak to a trainer in a gathering zone (Poltain, Lacheish Plains and Purple Lotus Swamp) to learn how to gather.

As you travel around you should gather everything you can and put the rares for sale on a trader. This will make you quite a lot of gold as you level etc.

Gold Grinding Spots:

  • Villas. The Villas are great grinding spots for XP, but for gold as well. Do these as often as you can mixed in with questing or doing other stuff elsewhere.

  • Death Master Camps in Kheshatta is considered to be one of the best grinding locations in the game, and can provide you with a lot of gold.

More grinding spots are listed in my Age of Conan Unchained Leveling Guide, most of these can be used for gold grinding as well


Like most other MMO’s, you  can really earn big money from reselling gear and items from the Trader then selling it for more. Just start looking from under prices items , buy them, then relist them on the Trader for more than you bought it for.

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    Dec 19, 2015

    have you done the quests for your hoanemld? I was a lvl 22 Bear Shaman when I left Tortage, and really didn’t have a lot of trouble with the quests from Cimmeria and Aquilonia. If the one I was trying was too hard, I did something else until I was strong enough to go back. There are always people looking for help, and a Priest of Mitra is a good ally to have in the harder battles. If you group with someone who is a higher level than you, ask them to apprentice you. You will become one level below them, you won’t get any more specials, but you will get higher resistance and be able to survive longer.References : Was this answer helpful?

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